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Pee Wee’s Marble Blaster


Comments about “Pee Wee’s Marble Blaster”

  1. Quiz-wizz says:

    Where is Pee Wee? On the home page like in “Pee Wee’s pea shooter” and “Westy’s wilderness putt”. B-O-R-I-N-G

  2. Maseogg says:

    24840!!!!! yeah

  3. crazynick says:

    I ot to level 4,940

  4. spider-t says:

    i got to level 29 and that level is hard for me.

  5. fun says:

    triple on that

  6. fun says:

    that was hard but very fun!

  7. Chokie says:

    It’s kinda fun don’t really get the hang ‘o it

  8. random says:

    i got up to Lvl 4 but keep on losing on that

  9. King of Nerds says:


  10. hjbbjk says:

    11044 my way is to waste NO balls if you have to wait then wait

  11. leval1 says:

    level 1 dude

  12. flame thrower says:

    24290 no joke

  13. flame thrower says:

    Iv’e triggered so many sweet spots (A place that gets rid of a lot of balls

  14. Awesome says:

    Stuck on level 933

  15. joejoe says:

    10790 lost on level three by three marbles it’s hard

  16. Ty says:

    So boring I’ve played 1,000,000 games like it.

  17. tops says:

    291676 beat that!

  18. That Old Guy says:

    55460 – Uncle!

  19. Captain_YO says:

    I always lose on level 9.

  20. rootbeer lover says:


  21. rootbeer lover says:


  22. Anonymous says:


  23. nerd lord says:

    level 3 so easy

  24. minecraftman says:

    i got 4390 on the first level!

  25. That Old Guy says:


  26. peeeeweeeyeah says:

    very fun like that old game called “Zuma”

  27. marvel fan says:


  28. TampaCrafter says:


  29. topbunkboy says:

    I’ve played better games but it’s still fun

  30. Ax says:

    Played a games like it.

  31. DRAGONKNIGHT456 says:


  32. pi says:


  33. minecraftlord says:

    score 2985

  34. anonymous says:

    score 21160

  35. lala says:

    score 25670

  36. Someone says:

    Score 12040

  37. cole says:

    score 1,956

  38. SKY FLYER says:

    GOT to lastl levle

  39. mike says:

    It’s fun alright!

  40. Captain_YO says:

    Can’t get past level 9.

  41. spud says:

    I cant get past level 30

  42. spud says:

    got to level 28

  43. bear says:

    can’t get past the3rd level but it’s still fun

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