Comments about “Pee Wee’s Marble Blaster”

  1. ez come ez go says:

    Here’s a tip: On the shooter, below the ball, is the color that will come next. Use it to your advantage.

  2. hoho man says:


  3. 2cute4U says:

    Anyone want to try to beat 20790? Of course, not you “Daddy Eagle” and “Me”. I thought it was a super cool game!

  4. baker man says:

    i enjoyed every moment of it it was a challenging experience

  5. 2cute4U says:

    OMG, this game is like so fun, but I’d give it a different name, you know?

  6. baker man says:

    it was challenging and i enjoyed every moment of it

  7. xyz says:

    22270 stage 7

  8. 'lil D says:

    41210!!!! still can’t get passed 3-3

  9. sarge says:


  10. Bob8or says:

    36720 STAGE 3-3 BEAT THAT

  11. xyz says:

    quit at 10850

  12. the best says:


  13. Warthog says:

    Best game on Boys Life!!

  14. terminator says:

    9,000 beat that!

  15. 'lil D says:

    39,760 3-3 is as far as I can go

  16. will says:

    no it’s cool

  17. 'lil D says:

    36420… gonna try one more time

  18. Timerguy says:

    19120 in about 10 minutes, like 6 stages!!

  19. will says:

    It is sooooooo awsome but hard I like it :D!!!!!!

  20. packattack24 says:


  21. dredd speed kid says:

    10900 stage 4

  22. ghgjuhdfii says:


  23. nerd 101 says:

    strange. i made it to the same spot last time

  24. sportsfreak#99 says:

    so lame i almost fell asleep

  25. yourmom says:


  26. nerd 101 says:

    made it to stage 2-3

  27. Skribblenibble says:

    24840 first try!

  28. boysrule58 says:

    2-3 is hard!

  29. nutcracker #1 says:


  30. lil one says:

    39260!! I’m done!

  31. Fang says:

    it was totally rad man

  32. cj says:

    I got 10980 points

  33. G,T,J says:

    kinda hard but fun

  34. Champin88 says:

    score:19940 Beat that!

  35. cool says:

    It is awesome

  36. acornwick8 says:

    I beat the game!!!!!:D

  37. bot scout 2 the extreme says:

    i think its kinda boring, but good to pass time

  38. daddy_eagle says:

    30980. How’s that?

  39. star says:

    BOO!Not good!B-A-D BAD!

  40. pumpkinprincess says:

    very fun and very easy!!!

  41. bob says:

    worst game ever

  42. carnage says:

    i got 6320 on the third level

  43. HI says:

    I got 24320

  44. gunshot says:

    17910:)beat dat!

  45. Cupcake says:

    I almost made it to the end!!!!

  46. chicken man says:

    i played this exact same game on a different website but it had a different name

  47. nutcracker #1 says:


  48. J man says:

    Its pretty cool.

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