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Marty the Monkey Crashes the Party

17 Comments on Marty the Monkey Crashes the Party

  1. I like cheese // October 18, 2016 at 5:14 pm // Reply

    I got third place in all time 6327150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. martys brother comes for reonforsments, TWICE

  3. i got 597850

  4. igot the hi score of the week. 1,164,800!

  5. this game is to hard after Marty’s brother comes in to reinforce him.

  6. how are you supposed to move the basket i tried the arrow keys but they didn’t work!

  7. I am a girl and I beat the world record I got 5636785

  8. High score 2,008,000.Try to beat that!

  9. Best game EVER!

  10. Top score this week!

  11. 153775

  12. I got 4238050!!!!!

  13. 2923100

  14. I GOT 1356775!

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