Comments about “Marty the Monkey Crashes the Party”

  1. Crzy says:

    When Marty cloned himself I thought it was a glitch

  2. tigerlyon says:

    My final score: 1,432,500

  3. Roboguy746 says:

    just as the last coconut was placed,I got to a new level and it deleted all the coconuts,and I was just like”YES,YES,YES!!!”

  4. Gilan says:

    70 in a row

  5. ajmlegofan says:

    1498150 I really don’t like Marty’s twin.

  6. cheese whiz says:

    2690650 it was okay I kinda quit because I didn’t even know how many stinkin levels there even were

  7. Rexington91 says:

    1,030,950 was my score. This game was “meh” not really that great. My 8 year old younger brother even questioned why anyone would ever play this game. But it is kinda

  8. ROCCO6519 says:

    2 Marty monkeys on level 10. 635,600 is my record on level 12.

  9. The Doctor says:

    Level 65. BEAT THAT!!!!

  10. alfafapedro says:

    im a top cake defender!

  11. pokemon master says:

    high score of the week level 11

  12. beast17 says:

    high score of the week :D

  13. ice hawk says:

    WHY does marty have to have a twin?!

  14. ice hawk says:

    man thats an UGLY monkey

  15. scoutman13 says:

    I got 250,300

  16. coo-coo says:


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