Comments about “Marty the Monkey Crashes the Party”

  1. spiter man says:

    1st place baby! I broke 1 mellen babby!

  2. darth vader says:

    the hardest part is when he sends for reinforcements luckly I got 1096925

  3. matt says:

    how strong is that monkey? I just made it to level 7.

  4. flatcap says:

    i only like the game cause theirs a monkey in it.

  5. TIE MAN says:

    all the other levels are kinda easy but i cannot finish the 10th level

  6. dr. octagonapus says:

    highest combo: 54

  7. bebe says:

    broke a million!

  8. switchman3000 says:

    28 in a row on first try. AWESOME!

  9. Frank says:

    Past the game! Yeah!

  10. legoland lover56 says:

    luv it i got this many points 1570325 level 13

  11. mr lego says:

    8 in a row best combo,level 5,41900 score.

  12. Cheeseburger says:

    High Score Baby :) CAN’T belive it 1st time ever

  13. pedroman3 says:

    how can a monkey lift a hundred pound cake

  14. awesome man says:

    very fun


  15. winer says:

    i got 69177 on level 12

  16. Awesomness says:

    I got 2005400 on level 11

  17. joe says:

    now that little monkey is trickey!

  18. joe says:

    that was cool!

  19. rileydude says:

    the highest level I’ve ever gotten is 21.

  20. Emerald205 says:

    I got to level 13 with a score of 1060800 !!!!

  21. nyyanks00 says:

    2467600 this game is awesome

  22. tom says:

    1556500!!! beat that

  23. jc says:

    Better score now…1897750! I free got to mentson my best combo was 25 in a row!

  24. jc says:

    I got 1036800 on the FIRST try!!!! 7 didgets in my score WOW

  25. sam says:


  26. ash says:

    my highest score is 1138000…….level 13.

  27. Emerald205 says:

    I got 3354607 !!!!!!

  28. pj101 says:

    3000000000 high scocre

  29. Timmy26 says:

    1469800! Beat that!

  30. 1 says:

    Score: 307650.Level 7.

  31. sunshine says:

    is ther ever three monkeys?pleas reply if you no.

  32. Dude says:

    7 times in a row! 2611750 points!

  33. daws811 says:

    100 IN A ROW!

  34. misteryman says:

    50 times in a row!

  35. daws811 says:


  36. some dude says:

    i beat level 1 without moving

  37. DINOMANIAdude2001 says:

    I can’t even get past 3,000,000

  38. Emerald205 says:

    This is the best game ever !!!!!!!!

  39. too cool says:

    i’m on level 93 47770 in a row and 11 didgets in my score

  40. ANDACONDA DUDE says:

    Level 15,1830250 points,first try. AWESOME GAME.Hard with his twin,though.

  41. legoboy2 says:

    1136550 for 1st time!

  42. star scout says:

    got 188750,level 16 and 24

  43. GI Joe says:

    4147550 is my high score

  44. dragondemongodgiant says:

    4636725 high score of the week

  45. Person says:

    I got 2131450 on level 16

  46. bbb says:

    i cant even play

  47. pedroman3 says:

    I forgot to say that my best combo was 26.

  48. pedroman3 says:

    How the heck does a monkey carry a cake that is like 100 pounds?

  49. Timmy26 says:

    I got 1172000! Oh yeah!

  50. cakedefender1 says:

    This game is piece of cake.

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