Comments about “Marty the Monkey Crashes the Party”

  1. chris says:

    easy but level ten hard

  2. coolman333 says:


  3. __________ says:

    He jumps over the moat when you lose!

  4. bogo BEAST says:

    20 in a row with marty’s twin 2,276,350

  5. phineas says:

    WHO CAN BEAT THIS,LITTLE BROS? 30 IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Geek_Q says:

    Those monkeys are such spazzes.

  7. Venom Boy says:

    I really, really hate Marty’s Twin!

  8. akward says:

    strange yet fun though i hate his twin

  9. damiandivin says:

    I got 242480090

  10. lafytafy says:

    it’s inposible when he gets his twin!!!

  11. giant gamer 2000 says:

    i cant bleave it i only got 9950 :(

  12. heeshanaw says:

    3rd place high score of the week!!!! 16 coconuts in a row, level 13, score 925,700.

  13. weirdo says:

    1,696,100 on level 16! 3rd for highscore of the week! I got 26 in a row!

  14. soren says:

    1049500! level 13!

  15. booper says:

    now my score is 3425525 on Level 12.and 77 coconuts in a row.

  16. booper says:

    hey!2402475!beat that!!!

  17. da beast says:

    level 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Netro says:


  19. Netro says:

    Level 16!!!

  20. will turner says:

    im ash 5737750

  21. spellingfreak says:


  22. scrible mario says:

    can someone please tell me why didnt he just jump over in the first place

  23. CRAZY DUDE says:

    1407350 Level 11

  24. sam44 says:

    i got to level 11 and my score was 1089750.

  25. bob #23 says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    My score is 4432050 and I got to level 13 and got my name on the weeks best score chart.
    P.S. My intials are WBL and I got 83 cocanuts in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. nerd says:


  28. west says:

    Dude this is AWSOME!!!!

  29. Chris 101 says:

    I just earned my high score for the week! I got a score of 5844850, my initials are KYM, and I got up to 89 cocanuts in a row.

  30. Bishop101 says:

    I thimk this game isn’t fun :(

  31. Carbison says:

    132550 I love this game!

  32. sonic101 says:

    1543200 on level 14 just 500000 away from this weeks high score

  33. daredevildean says:

    i dont like this game it is boring

  34. pacmaniac says:

    1491ooo on level 11 48 catches in a row :-D :-) ;-)

  35. Battlemaster39 says:

    5505700 points!

  36. guy says:

    i got 5595550

  37. Pedro says:


  38. SpeedyMan says:


  39. mars132 says:

    my score is 39988576

  40. Static says:

    Why doesn’t he just jump over in the first place?

  41. joey says:

    me too!

  42. horselover says:

    i made it up too levle 12 my score was 1758400

  43. houndoom says:

    to easy! my score+=1490400. level 13

  44. BJ says:

    10115359! so close

  45. AdianJR says:

    919700 at lv.11

  46. sora says:

    omg weekly score of 2713000. i iz the dog! level 13!

  47. Bowser Jr.&Sprinter says:

    lvl 10

  48. Nat3062 says:

    My score was 962300 at level 13.

  49. harvest moon says:

    I cant believe I lost aganst crazy monkeys!

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