Comments about “Marty the Monkey Crashes the Party”

  1. cool farmer says:

    20 in a row! best in game! beat that!

  2. 56bull7 says:


  3. the bugler says:

    I ended the game with 6,002,550 points… it wasn’t that hard until they started putting two monkeys in the game.

  4. Sosoocbdsb says:

    1471725! beat that, men!

  5. bulba79 says:

    level 10 is when it gets hard

  6. killzone123 says:

    I say its cool and i got to leval 6 whith 87100 points

  7. Yo Mama says:

    I made to level 6 with 163075 points

  8. jediguy says:

    Made it to level 6 with 134875 points

  9. jj says:

    I got 83650

  10. i like pie says:


    and i got 20 in a row :0

  11. trainfire51 says:

    71 in a row ,booyah

  12. let it rip says:

    i got to level 16 1895875 is my score

  13. COLOR CREW says:

    Marty is my inspiration

  14. neko says:

    i got1576750 level 13

  15. Riko says:

    This game is so easy I can beat it.

  16. SILVERWOLF says:

    final score of 808175! oo oo ah ah!

  17. the cool guy says:

    This is so easy. 80 in a row, 5 million points. Too easy.

  18. jackattck says:

    17in a row

  19. ilik says:

    marty is so cool i really love this game. Marty the monkey rocks cause he crashes the party.

  20. dsad says:

    my sister [10] got 12323 in a row. beat that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Zit Monster says:

    Anyone got to lvl 14?
    There’s 2 monkeys!

  22. Rockstar says:

    My sister (11) got 18,823,450 @ 56 in a row!!!! Try to beat that!!!

  23. lukiedukie says:

    My score was 188675! I got five cocanuts in a row in the bowl a couple times!!

  24. ;) says:

    Lv. 17
    score: 3,735,900
    55 in a row
    High score
    B.K.F, that’s me!!

  25. joster says:

    level 12 and 898325

  26. Geek202 says:


  27. Geek 101 says:


  28. Barry says:

    476250 Level 9

    Hint:sometimes, you can get the coconuts that bounce of the ground that
    don’t count as fallen ones

  29. dodo326 says:


  30. DMAN says:

    LEVEL 14

  31. hey says:

    3,888,563,541 oh yea!!!

  32. timinator says:

    check this score out 1,374,900!

  33. 226Eagle says:

    Oh yeah…2,193,500

  34. chipmunk says:

    igot 1,524,650

  35. killer says:

    1,000,000,000 in a row

  36. human ghost says:

    I got 30 times in a row and may score was 1741750

  37. Anonymous says:

    BOO YEAH! HIGH SCORE OF THE WEEK! If you look, a set of initials will be C-S-M. That’s me! OH YEAH!

  38. Mario Fan says:


  39. cool farmer says:

    i got 15 in a row!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Mr. Person Dude says:

    I got to level 19 with 3,773,100 pionts, and I got 43 in a row!

  41. phineas says:

    1101600=high score

  42. mario guy says:

    nine million points:]

  43. mike says:

    I like it

  44. smarti786 says:


  45. Eragon says:


  46. marty says:

    this game is so awesome!

  47. jake says:

    this is easy peasy lemon squeesy

  48. Yoda3x says:

    this is EZ

  49. Anonymous says:

    its hard

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