Comments about “Marty the Monkey Crashes the Party”

  1. kev, kgo says:

    2nd and 3rd for the week! Played my first game ever and am now in 3rd, 2nd at the time, and now this was my 2nd game ever, and am now 2nd on the list!

  2. alfafa panckes says:

    I am wondering why does he need a bridge of coconuts when he can jump over the moat.

  3. Logic Lover says:

    Level 16, 4837925 points, high score of the week.

  4. The Breakfast Machine says:


  5. Kiwi says:

    The best game ever I love banana’s they are yummy.

  6. Scorpion King says:

    I got to level 9 and got 1,527,150. the last part I wasn`t even trying!

  7. god of awsomeness says:


  8. awesome girl 1234678910 says:

    you should play these games there fun especially “Marty the Monkey Crashes the Party”.

  9. awesome girl 1234678910 says:

    love that game.

  10. awesome kili says:

    Best game ever I love it.

  11. eagle1 says:

    There’s not enough friction or a good enough stopping mechanism on this game. However, I did get the top two high scores this week with my best catching streak at 86.
    How did the top three high scores do it? Is there a cheat?

  12. biostars says:

    Its raining coconuts!!!!

  13. jcr says:

    high score of the week!!! :)

  14. EJR says:

    3rd High Score of the Week!!! 1352200!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    HIGH SCORE OF THE WEEK 75 in a row,4393000 points, and lv. 15 WHOOOOO!

  16. BLuvr says:

    top score for this week! no way you can beat 605,206,052(with 84 in a row!).

  17. hog1051 says:

    Got beat on level 14. It gets pretty boring, though.

  18. Anonymous says:

    To easy.Not a good a good game at all.It = bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. rhr says:

    level 19!!!

  20. RHR says:

    2710350 points!!!!!!Hala!!!!!!

  21. sam says:

    lvl 12, 41 coconuts in a row 1,681,925 points !!!!!!!!!

  22. cheese man says:

    level 12 scored 841625

  23. Tank says:

    twin enforcment?! No fair!

  24. STORYBIRDER says:

    On level 14 I got 2113050

  25. linkfan101 says:

    What would monkeys do with cake . It doesn’t have bannanas in it.

  26. boolp says:

    my score was 1604150

  27. Teddybearjulia says:

    Shoot! This game is stupid! I got 1780600 on level 14. This game is REALLY EASy.

  28. wwe dude says:

    beat it 100000000000000000000000000000000000

  29. blackraven says:

    920000 on level 6 !!!

  30. green ninja says:

    71950 on level 6!

  31. dragontrainer@msu says:

    495600 on LV5.

  32. ninja77 says:

    i quit cuz it was so boring

  33. gh says:

    67 in a row!! WHAT NOW?!?!?

  34. Hunt says:

    I got #20000000, levl#13

  35. Anonymous says:

    17 in a row level 11 607800 points. if Marty’s twin hadn’t jumped in would’ve made it farther.

  36. Anonymous says:

    made it to level 11 and had 607800 points

  37. qer says:

    22 coconuts in a row beat that! But man does it get hard with his twin because there are coconuts flying everywhere!!!

  38. vbbfgfghfhf says:

    2499350 level 15 47 in a row.

  39. jamer500 says:

    it rules

  40. blah says:

    it gets SO hard when marty calls his twin

  41. Anonymous says:

    Hello??? 105 in a row and 8058700 hi score of the week!

  42. TacoGirl says:

    its kinda hard

  43. Mitchell says:


  44. tele says:

    57 in a row

  45. jake says:

    Love it just gets so hard when marty calls his twin for reinforcment

  46. I love cars says:

    729950 :)

  47. than says:

    46800 On LVL FIVE

  48. nerderer says:

    i got to level 16, got on the high score list!

    Heh heh heh

  49. cool farmer says:

    also level 13

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