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  1. BlazeW310 says:

    my best word (and longest) word in level 1 was

  2. bluemonkeyz says:

    longest word: supercalifragilistexpaladoucous

  3. Like a boos says:


  4. bob says:

    ha! beat it

  5. WHAT???!!!!! says:

    Forensic isn’t a word? Whyyyyyyyy!

  6. jazz13 says:

    Best word: nature Longest word: scream Score: 83309

  7. solid score says:

    I best score is 672120 longest word bananas best word troops

  8. oldhat says:

    547,186 final score. Just make sure you don’t click on the tiles that look like lava.

  9. Redryder says:

    109813, best word/longest word: flange

  10. Annoyed says:

    I beat every mosquito tile on the board but it restocked :(

  11. KK says:

    You enter a word by clicking the last letter of the word. Make sure that the word at the bottom is blue, not red.

  12. nick is always right says:

    Final Score :11711
    Best Word : KNOT
    Longest Word : TRADE

  13. zman1234 says:

    it wont let me win i instantly at the beginning of the game die ?????

  14. Timon says:

    good ridance! CANT SOLVE THE DARN LEVELS!!!

  15. Tater says:

    249,842 – Not sure how I lost. I used a tile I’ve never seen and it all blew up with nothing in danger. It looked like a Tiger stripe.

  16. Anonymous says:

    199002 Longest word: crueler. Best word: Warring.
    It gets ridiculously hard at this point.

  17. Gandalf the Awesome says:

    longest word: grained
    ALSO!! quitter isn’t a word on here :(

  18. msgr19 says:

    what? santa isnt a word?

  19. jazz13 says:

    best word:diva longest word:trendy

  20. jazz13 says:

    longest word: appeal

  21. nitro says:

    Dang the word “navigate” doesn’t count…. I got ripped off of two coins

  22. cruious says:


  23. hi says:

    how do i enter a word

  24. landlover says:

    122806 and longest word is diviner

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