Comments about “Pee Wee’s Scramble Camp”

  1. Super Pedro says:


  2. Super Pedro says:

    37629 BEAT THAT!!

  3. Life438 says:

    I love it. It is AWSOME.

  4. Life438 says:

    It,s AWSOME.

  5. harvest moon says:

    Love it! I want to keep playing this game! best game on this website that I have played!

  6. d.m.p says:


  7. default says:

    lvl 17! yay!

  8. ninja says:

    this weird .i lost and the camp tile it came back when i pressed retry and it apeared and said retry.what the heck?!

  9. ace says:

    got to level 60 score NaN (not available now) WOOT! =] Note: Two Stars put together = all available letters in the word (continue connecting to every long word (maybe even the whole play board) even though there is no word like that

  10. 773 says:

    I got 262,144 with spinner as best and longest.
    I did like five bombs in levels 8-10 but still lost

  11. Game wiz says:

    got 73,758 biggest word:penguin

  12. Elli poo says:

    I just beat the game. :)

  13. Mr. ed says:

    193955! oh yeah

  14. jaznmarc15 says:

    i just died and i havent even start

  15. jaznmarc15 says:

    my score is over 10,000

  16. jaznmarc15 says:

    here’s the horrible part when i try again a lot of hard letters swarm the camp and its instant game over that’s horribe

  17. Mr. ed says:

    luv it

  18. snowman453 says:

    i like it

  19. snowman453 says:

    gets glichy after level 1 :(

  20. shelby says:

    Level 10, 216020 points!

  21. dillydally says:


  22. gamebob says:

    Hey, ponochio, my score was 7043! haha!

  23. pinochio says:

    funny score, huh?

  24. pinochio says:

    ha ha 61616

  25. sonic says:

    ok the power is fixed but it is hard

  26. sonic says:

    HARD! but FUN!

  27. Tom says:

    I keep seeing 2 letter words

  28. beast says:

    it was the stupidest game EVER !!!!!

  29. shelby says:

    Hah! Level 9; 167,302 points!!

  30. timo98 says:

    this is fun

  31. Ordep says:


  32. Nickster says:

    This game stinks worse then a skunks behind

  33. sonicman says:

    level 3 how many points 20865 BEAT THAT YOU GUYS!

  34. DanTheMan says:


  35. back at ya says:

    This is a cool game! It’s hard but I got to level 6 with 92379 points!

  36. glue says:

    hard but fun!
    P.S. my mom realy likes it!

  37. pedrodonkey\!?brro?!\mule says:

    LVL 5

  38. Me :) says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!! :)

  39. cbb says:

    amazing game. i like it alot

  40. K says:

    dude I’ve tried to play this game but i never got it very very HARD!!!

  41. tails says:

    the company is copying the board game scrabble!!!!!

  42. GI Joe says:

    really really hard :'(

  43. nemobuzz says:

    BOO!BOO!This is the worst

  44. Deck says:

    I completed level six with 108,526 points. Fun game!

  45. :) says:

    24673 at lvl. 2.

  46. Chris 101 says:

    87325 is my high score, salts is my best word, and tired is my longest word.

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