Comments about “Pee Wee’s Scramble Camp”

  1. bebe777 says:

    smarti786, how did you do that!!!!!

  2. smarti786 says:

    85,953! Try topping that!

  3. coolman103 says:

    i got 41650 and then i quit

  4. Dude555 says:

    i got:


  5. N8 says:

    i dont get it

  6. leman says:

    1925 beat that scouts:)

  7. Bren says:

    this is hard

  8. Cubscout says:

    cool and fun

  9. paps says:

    I cant make a word

  10. mad liar says:

    igot100,000,000,000 in levle one and 999,999,999,999,999,999

  11. a person says:

    i instatly lost TWICE!

  12. Animalman10 says:

    this is like Scrabble

  13. the shadowhog says:

    so many words rofl

  14. Mr. panda says:


  15. bob gcfry says:


  16. LEGO lover says:

    What did i get,73000 at #4?

    All the same,great game(though tricky ‘skeeters!);)

  17. cooldude25 says:

    Beat game with 999,999,999,999,000.

  18. don't lie tired of it! says:

    30752 my best

  19. Wackodude says:

    I got to 177,559 before I had to quit. It’s fun, but it wouldn’t let me put in dilicate, ziggurat, cylinder, or elephant. WHY NOT???

  20. sporer says:


  21. robert says:

    Good Game

  22. MarineCorps101 says:

    I’m pathetic at this game:( i couldn’t save 2 tents!

  23. bazinga134 says:

    81875- awesome!

  24. Pepperthechessmaster says:

    83922 is my score i could get more its just that the game got boring

  25. I'm awesome says:

    I got 6 tents and had 921478 points. That’s almost one million! Nobody can beat that (unless of course you cheat an put down a score you didn’t really get).

  26. superwill says:

    my score is 21,606

  27. Autobot says:

    How many levels are there?

  28. j2000 says:


  29. Bla Bla says:

    172,146 :)

  30. orange says:

    i beat the game

  31. orange says:


  32. frog says:


  33. ipod touch says:

    I didnt win :(

  34. iMe says:

    It wouldn’t count “facilities” as a word, and i lost

  35. nick says:

    :-( i cant get any points

  36. kushiyaya kawasaki suzuki handa civic says:

    14274936483- beat that!!

  37. OArep62 says:

    Got to 77705. Funny thing, a panel came up with UN on it, when I pressed it it said “Undifined” and its like the game froze until I pressed it enough times, strange…

  38. rockstar says:

    1965874 :-)! Try to beat that.

  39. girlboyscout says:


  40. mikeyboy says:

    16934 points! TRY TO BEAT THAT!

  41. dsmfkl;d says:

    I don’t like this game…

  42. didnt finish says:


  43. sysy says:

    so hard

  44. kids10 says:

    107062!!! beat that!!

  45. gamaster says:


  46. rex says:

    35000 boo-yah!!!!!!

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