Comments about “Eagle Scout Pinball”

  1. naomi333 says:

    i like this game.

  2. superscout says:

    First time too

  3. $good says:

    I Love It!!!!!

  4. a says:

    i’m not even an eagle scout.

  5. thunder says:

    Made it all the way to eagle with no contiues and got high score of the week.

  6. willy billy says:

    I hate the noise that you hear when your ball falls into a worm hole. It is driving me nuts!?!? P.S. Merry Christmas!!!! ;)

  7. MAd MAn says:

    oh my goodness got a highscore for the week then it glitched out
    and froze.Darn it.

  8. mmmmm says:

    32716 on scout! mmw best score this weak!

  9. Tiger Cub says:

    2nd tenderfoot clear board no flippers

  10. yeerk slug says:

    I made it through Tenderfoot without touching the yellow ones.

    Ps. I once made it to Eagle and got a high score! :)

  11. Lonnie says:

    The first time i got 4,15,9 points!

  12. SonicfanX says:

    I got a high score! BOO YAH! First time playing. Managed to hit Star scout. WOO HOO!

  13. Velociraptor says:

    Took me an hour for eagle. 154026

  14. supersaiyan3 says:

    OMG!!!!!! i cleared the board on tenderfoot WITHOUT FLIPPING ANY FLIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. awesomedude says:

    Really fun, only tenderfoot though

  16. Your Mother says:

    Stop playing and clean up your room!!!

  17. Eagle Scout says:

    152523 on Eagle!!

  18. jonah n the whale says:

    i made to level

  19. Ben says:

    37278 beat that!!!

  20. joshie says:

    i had a realy high score

  21. Nes2558 says:

    76002 Peoples!!!!

  22. tybhjt says:

    Easy!And my high score is 207,576 points!On First Class!

  23. jonah n the whale says:

    im the best

  24. wierdo says:

    stuck at first class

  25. Webelo185 says:

    Got my game over on first class. And have high score of the week. Booyah!

  26. MeritMan says:

    My GOSH, so confusing. PLus SLow

  27. supertom says:

    I got 195954 and I made it to level 6

  28. rex says:

    it is so cool!

  29. cool dude says:

    i got stuck at a place on tenderfoot

  30. E man says:

    187682 on hi score and on life

  31. legodude says:

    i’m on first class.

  32. chicagobull23 says:

    beat it three times

  33. t says:

    hard, but fun

  34. Anthony says:


  35. Bren says:

    it is real fun to play this

  36. Scout says:

    Finally beaten the game.

  37. publius says:

    that you should never give up!

  38. paulypocket says:


  39. HessLovers3000 says:

    Dude I Got 30628

  40. Anthony says:

    It is cake

  41. Darth Bob says:

    The last time I played this game was like two years ago!!!

  42. Pie lover says:

    this is so easy

  43. im a gamer says:

    its fine but i well its hard

  44. joe bob stevy man says:

    First pwnd

  45. Anonymous says:

    got 196139

  46. Colin says:

    I Am On Second Class

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