Comments about “Eagle Scout Pinball”

  1. rooibus says:

    Flippers get stuck and you have to right-click within game screen then left-click. Otherwise, it actually okay. :(

    • Game Masta a.k.a.1 4m 4w30m3 says:

      If UR flippers get stuck,it’s probably cuz you clicked off the part of the screen that is the game. Click back on it, and the flippers will be back to normal. :)

  2. mini scout says:

    i about got 372421

  3. jackson says:

    i almost got 1123434565787

  4. yo yo master says:

    i love this game but what are the tracks for they confuse me
    also at the end of the level the ball sometimes gets stuck between the flipper and wall and i have to start over:(

  5. TVexploder says:

    My score is 302,105

  6. glenn guy says:

    made it to star scout!with 128,038 points!

  7. wager says:

    controls stop working

  8. 2nd scout says:

    i got 99,998
    soooooo close
    fun but needs inprovment

  9. some guy says:

    Needs some improvement

  10. N8 says:

    my score was 156,576

  11. Cool boy says:

    I got 998561! Awesome!

  12. gogo says:

    i made it to super

  13. trav E=mc2 says:

    83709 was mine. :)

  14. bch1342 says:

    we have one of these at our scout room!

  15. superscout says:

    weeks top score!

  16. blue548721 says:

    Ilove this game

  17. That'sa31899 says:

    Fun game :)

  18. bigcheese says:

    press up when your hitting the ball sweet

  19. JGS says:

    I got the weeks top score [BOO-YAA]

  20. spikejab14 says:

    164959 first class

  21. tan says:

    i got 27558

  22. 1234qqe says:

    13689787 is my score

  23. that crumb on your table says:


  24. mnbjjh says:

    i got 42964

  25. AwesomeMan710 says:

    i am not good at this game. 67471

  26. awesomekid says:

    11817814= highscore I got to eagle

  27. dude says:

    my ball got stuck when i got 72,846306

  28. Pokeboy says:

    138486 was all i could get.

  29. AW3SOM3 says:

    My score was 854783.

  30. angry says:

    my ball got stuck

  31. Full of bacon says:

    i got 185900

  32. jumper272 says:


  33. darth vader says:


  34. rich3090 says:

    I got the high score!

  35. *ABC says:

    my score is 67,165

  36. jj says:

    i got 126885

  37. pedropower says:

    this is the BEST GAME EVER

  38. a random dude says:

    beat ya

  39. I love cars says:

    my score: 129335

  40. CT23 says:

    This game is awsome

  41. meeeeeefaaa says:

    110199 haaaaaaaa

  42. Troop491 says:


  43. redlynx says:

    298444!!! BEAT THAT!!!

  44. King Cool says:

    it’s better 2 have timeing than 2 flip your flippers randomly

    from the king of awesome

  45. blue548721 says:

    91178 is my score

  46. i like pie says:


  47. Ανδρεω says:

    this game is so cool!

    Tepig Rules!

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