Comments about “Eagle Scout Pinball”

  1. cool beans says:

    i got high score of the week but it did not show up on the list

  2. jackaroo says:

    i’m stuck on life scout:(

  3. sonic says:

    this is fun

  4. Anonymous says:

    my ball got stuck on the last levle

  5. lol cat says:


  6. TJ says:

    Whoo Hooo

  7. wiirule says:

    I scored 105403.

  8. Sci' Taar says:

    Beat it.

  9. Hunt says:

    This is cool

  10. letter awsome says:

    199173 i scored it

  11. Captin Price says:

    new highscore of 199173

  12. alexander says:

    Stuck on the last level .

  13. gabe says:

    lost 2 class

  14. scorpion king says:

    they should get rid of the wormholes.

  15. BSA 584 says:

    I lost at first class!!! What A FAIL :(

  16. pokeboy says:

    got week best score JKF

  17. pokeboy says:

    passed eagle

  18. peddro says:

    yay! i have made it to level 8!!

  19. bestrunever says:

    208420 ran out of balls on star :(

  20. ? says:


  21. bobjoe says:

    first class!

  22. ? says:

    93516 ;) :) :D

  23. jbird says:

    my ball got stuck on tenderfoot by a flipper

  24. dls37 says:

    Stuck on tenderfoot!

  25. bluebear says:


  26. Jester says:


  27. C.A.T says:


  28. Rockstar says:

    my ball is stuck on scout (the first one)

  29. CRESS356 says:

    Stuck with STAR.

  30. beach ball says:

    awesome game 81999

  31. Chief says:


  32. rooibus says:


  33. ty ace says:

    103799 beat that :)

  34. scoutmf says:

    fun game.71,555

  35. Luke Skywalker says:

    Life scout is hard!! I be stuck

  36. loggy says:

    stuck on lifescout

  37. Enduro says:

    This game is fun. :)

  38. Dalton C.P. says:


  39. gman says:

    my hi score is 73147

  40. Game Masta a.k.a.1 4m 4w30m3 says:

    iFinally figured out how to get that smiley face emoticon in color! Just click the spacebar after the period in your sentence, and type out the emoticon! :)

  41. up presser says:

    press up for 3 seconds

  42. justin beiber jr. says:

    im really good at this game.

  43. Rosscuro 27 says:

    SecondClass takes Forever!

  44. like a boss says:

    beat whole game

  45. JGC says:

    I got 30133 on the first level!!!!

  46. tooBad says:

    game is fun

  47. first_class_scout says:

    pretty fun!!

  48. aj says:

    i am stuck on lv2 i got a bonus ball on lv1

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