Comments about “Eagle Scout Pinball”

  1. mub says:

    to unstick your ball whack the flipper it’s stuck in

  2. mewtwo says:

    best ever ! : )

  3. hog1051 says:

    High score of the week baby!!! and I beat the game!!!

  4. BLuvr says:

    300691 top this week

  5. Catholic Scout! says:

    A great game!

  6. dude says:

    I got 229341

  7. chicagocubs says:

    i hit the ball and it went back up that area where it can come down to your flipper and it got un balanced and fell in the ditch:(:(:(:(:(:(

  8. bobert531 says:

    scout is easy

  9. jelderox says:


  10. godlover11202 says:

    I am on the score! Mine is SRM!

  11. gggdddhhhiii says:

    my ball got stuck in the flipper also on tenderfoot

  12. booolp says:

    score 106157

  13. saints fan says:

    not super fun but adicting

  14. hi says:

    this game rocks

  15. a kid unknown says:

    how do you play

  16. E.T says:

    I beet this weeks high scores!!!

  17. mrs.girl scout leader says:

    this was like soooooooooo hard

  18. qw3hj42y32o3n4y says:

    It isnt as good as it looks yall

  19. coolz says:

    cool game

  20. Anonymous says:

    If you keep holding the up button, the ball flies like crazy! Unfortunatly, this costs you points.

  21. fjbv says:

    my ball got stuck in flipper

  22. salad333 says:

    It’s not fair!!! When it says I made the board, the flippi things don’t work anymore!!! That is how I lose!!!

  23. Trollingman says:

    it got glitched on tenderfoot

  24. Violet says:

    My score is 72,106,903,462 yeah (:

  25. Hunt says:

    I lost? It’s not possible.

  26. X. man says:

    I just lost ! No fair! I was so close to being on the score board!!!!!

  27. edogger says:

    a high score of the week!!!

  28. draco says:


  29. Roder says:


  30. tenderfoot212 says:

    I love this game and i’m proud to be a Boy Scout!!!!!!!!!

  31. star says: says:

    i got 297258 beat that

  32. No one says:

    I literally broke it on accident. The ball got stuck.

  33. ThisTenderfoot says:

    259651. Gosh.

  34. ThisTenderfoot says:

    High Score of the week!!!

  35. ThisTenderfoot says:

    Wait… Imma Life Scout!!!

  36. says:

    After i won the last round my ball got stuck and i didn’t win :(

  37. r.e.d says:

    i think it’s great i think i’ve got’n to level four or five

  38. xander52 says:

    When You Start Push Up And Down At The Same Time

  39. halo man says:

    my dad made it to first class when he was a boy scout.

  40. flash12345 says:

    this game rocks

  41. king dedede says:

    As Sonic would say, “Too easy! Piece of cake!”

  42. yeerk slug says:


  43. gau says:

    epically awsome

  44. bob says:

    nice game

  45. bsc says:

    tenderfoot is weird

  46. best player says:

    i got 196740

  47. coolguy24 says:


  48. perdro 11 says:

    fun fun fun!!! :)

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