Comments about “Eagle Scout Pinball”

  1. eagle man says:

    low gravity glitch

    press ^ to make the ball float up

  2. katie says:

    love it

  3. jack says:

    congrats im geting second and first class at the same time

  4. c-man says:

    I got to star and i am a bear!

  5. tai says:


  6. bobob says:

    I beat it!!!

  7. hfddfuhfg says:

    I beat it!!!

  8. theedoo says:

    i got to star and im a bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. gamer139 says:

    totally awesome game! ;^{) I lost on first class though :^{(

  10. zoomsuper says:

    I got 2 second class! :)
    I lost because of a glitch where the ball goes through the flipper

  11. ('!') says:


  12. hippo says:

    Hey if you hit the up arrow it will make the ball levitate but it will also decrease your score

  13. TATERSALAD says:

    this game is awesome I got to second class and I,am only a webelo 2.

  14. BENNY says:


  15. budder says:

    awesome game! p.s. i got to first class and i’m just a scout!

  16. Tenderfoot says:

    Only got to First Class :(

  17. big cheese says:

    i got to level 8, ha beat that

  18. Gruntonius says:

    I like this game a lot. But, as expected, the levels get harder as they go along, and soon, you find yourself in serious gamer mode, with your face close to the screen, and getting mad if the ball falls into the hole and you lose the level. A very addictive and fun game.

  19. dfg says:

    got to first class

  20. The Real Me says:

    It’s Alright

  21. dr.elmo in your dreams says:

    hard, fun, easy, challengeing, all at the same time.

  22. steve II says:

    easy to beat

  23. ninjacool says:

    so cool i like it.

  24. Stevp says:

    Wow on Tenderfoot level my ball got stuck.

  25. Jake says:

    if you press the up key the ball slightly goes up and the longer you hold it the higher it goes but pressing the up key takes away points

  26. Nickerbot says:

    i love it

  27. maple leafsNHL says:

    this is awesome

  28. game master says:


  29. lightning says:

    failed at STAR with 212890 points

  30. Rosebud says:

    Super HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! how do u get past Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. The super epic person says:

    Any one who has beaten it please reply to this comment

  32. legobuilderL says:

    game over at second class lolz

  33. Josh says:

    First class (level four) is hard I only got 161929

  34. joseff says:


  35. Bud says:

    Level 4
    Fun game!

  36. legoguy says:

    I don’t like it to hard and BORING!:(

  37. Yo says:

    I have never played it

  38. AgentP says:

    failed at 184017 points at star scout

  39. Anonymous says:

    almost had it

  40. zach woves minecaft says:

    warning it’s hard & ezy

  41. rii says:

    I like the game but is there more pinball game’s

  42. Karl says:

    is it just me, or do the flippers stop working after awhile?

  43. purple bird says:

    This is old, slow and small and your ball just gets traps in the black holes. But if you wanna have real fun, try the new (as of now) Snowball Camp! PEECHTIVAL!

  44. steve says:

    love it!!!

  45. hoejoe says:

    88525 level 4

  46. Bob says:

    Cool Game!

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