Comments about “Pedro’s Space Adventure 2”

  1. sean123 says:


  2. eminem says:

    HOW DO U GET T0 THEE ROCKET?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. cash says:

    how do get all the awards

  4. titan says:

    How do you defeat the bat

  5. titan says:

    Get mailbag, press X

  6. webelos says:

    how do you defeat the battle bat

  7. L DOG :D says:


  8. blacklight says:

    just finished it! it was So fun!(:])-}-<

  9. Laxman22 says:

    Awesome game, wonderful to play, same creator as Mad Planet, but I have to say that Mad Planet was an one half star better than Pedros SA2. Overall the game is 5 star in most minds but 4.5 in mine


  10. boyslife rocks says:

    how do you defeat the dungeon s crab

  11. qwertparty says:

    i do not like this game because it has weird muisic

    • MFLANI29 says:

      so who cares about the music just turn the sound off on your PC. anyways was it fun? cause if so thats all that matters

  12. Jakeismee! says:

    i like it

  13. Bobcat says:

    how do you shoot!

  14. girl says:

    Blaa Blaa,how do you make a face?

  15. kenpo says:

    28:45 best time

  16. i am awsome says:

    this game is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Bla Bla says:

    72:20 :)

  18. coolio says:

    107:10 & still goin hard!

  19. pink says:

    ask me ANYTHING!!!!!!

  20. game master says:

    is peaceful pedro not shooting?

  21. awesome23 says:

    this game rocksssssssssssss

  22. pac-man-iac says:

    ?ig?,you need the magnet to climb walls. then when youre upside-down,shoot that red button.

  23. scout10 says:

    how do tou get to that key!?

  24. whitfooot1 says:


  25. boyscout99 says:

    how do you get to the happy computer upgrade

  26. ?ig? says:

    How do you defeat drillbaby?

  27. Master of Games says:

    I have all the awards. My top time is 18:10. Ask me if you need help.

  28. awesome23 says:

    Beat the cuold more powerups though.

    ps : i love lotz

  29. righteous 4444 says:

    it is really, really cool!

  30. Eli says:

    I love it!

  31. ggg says:

    I can not get the key

  32. keke says:

    it is so awsome

  33. coolman103 says:

    when I hit the battle bat it dooes not hurt him help how do yo do it sincerely sad guy :(

  34. billybojoe says:

    how do you attack

  35. Agent J says:

    This game needs more power-ups!!!!

  36. Agent J says:

    bbcc, You can shoot if you get the mailbag.

  37. slick says:

    how do you get peaceful pedro

  38. tom says:

    Can you shoot

  39. Gabe$$$$$$$$$$$$ says:

    This games rocks

  40. 247 says:

    67:50 with peaceful perdo

  41. Sheldon says:

    I won with 72:39!!

  42. mauler says:

    it’s impossible to get the key!

  43. bbcc says:

    why cant u kil the aliens

  44. gameboy89 says:

    What directions do you go in from the start?

    • Master of Games says:

      You want to the right and up. You will have to jump over some aliens before you get the Mailbag.

    • Master of Games says:

      Boy’s Life, It erased all my awards then I got them back again. Then I lost all of them again. Why did it take my awards away?

  45. N_Pup says:

    It’s the game “Robot wants fishy”:.
    Or in this case “Pedro wants Rocket”.

  46. him says:

    beat it

  47. Anonymous says:

    good game but it could use some better graphics

  48. makwe21 says:

    awesome game love it

  49. makwe21 says:


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