Comments about “Pedro’s Space Adventure 2”

  1. ry guy says:

    where is the swimming power up

  2. domo arigato987 says:

    Beat it! did it once, did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. colin213 says:

    how do U make a computer happy

  4. nicky says:

    how do u kill drillbaby!

    • nerderer says:

      you need the boots that stick to the ceiling (i do not remember where you get them, just look around for the powerup). hang from the ceiling and drop letters onto big red button in middle of drillbaby.

    • COLIROON12321 says:

      HOW DO U GET PAST THE PAL-1000????????!!!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!

      • yesi'magummybear123 says:

        First, make all he computers happy. there are four; one on each corner. after all are happy, the PAL – 1000 will lose his shield and you can shoot him many times until he dies. When you kill him, the magnet power up will be in his place. Good luck!

    • ibeatthegame says:

      beat the pal-1000 to get the boots that stick to the ceiling

  5. the destroyer says:


    • ilovesonic says:

      i do not remeber but is pretty easy

    • nerderer says:

      you need the explosive mail powerup to do any real damage to battle bat, so explore the flooded area for that powerup. It also helps if you can fire more than one letter at a time, or if you have magna boots to stick to the ceiling.
      Battle Bat has five stages, each time you drain his health he will get madder. Defeat him all five times and you will unlock a powerup.

  6. legolover says:

    how do you beat the dungeon crab?

  7. swiftfox says:

    go to crab caverns, jump over the spike floor, use magnet boots on the roof

  8. to bordish says:

    this is way better than that one- and this is the first “cool” game- since then there have been games like mad planet and scouts vs aliens

    • nerderer says:

      the nerd totally agrees with you. Pedro and Ordep’s game is just like galaga. This game you can move around and explore the world. Much more fun.

  9. bordish says:

    This game isn’t as fun as Pedro &Ordep’s Space Adventure

  10. ddtank lover says:

    I can’t get to the golden door how do you do it

    • rooibus says:

      After you get the key, go to the “to the surface” section. Make your way to where you got the mailbag powerup. You then cling to the ceiling and make a jump down. You will see a golden door. inside, make the computer happy. this unlocks the ship. Then you win the game.

      • garf12 says:

        how to make the computers happy???!

      • timten says:

        But you have to pass the part where they have the bump. You go right up to the bump, then you go down and turn left as you do so. After you are about half an inch from the edge of the bump, jump. You should catch it.

      • ews says:

        timten is right and I won it was a fun game and I did all the 12 objectives including winning killing every thing getting all bolts and all power ups

  11. storybirder says:


  12. solo dude says:

    i think people dont give this games a chance. its hard getting past the crabs but the mailbag is just 5-7 crabs away. after that the game is incredible

  13. redlynx says:

    where do you get triple letter throw?

  14. fakelake says:

    To get Drillbaby you need mag-boots, and then you go on the cieling and drop mail in the slot.

  15. izzy says:

    it took me a long time because i tried [which i did] earn the fully loaded achevment

  16. rockstar says:

    how do you get the water thing

  17. I love old Westerns(aka The Cowgirl) says:

    how do you get to the ship

  18. massive trader says:

    are there 2 shields?! i only have the one from the bat cave. if there are 2 will someplease tell me where the second one is?

  19. errf says:

    how do you shoot in the water.

  20. Shawmon says:

    Where is the exploding mail!? I can’t find it anywhere…

  21. helper says:

    to beat the big bat you will need an exsposive stamp upgrade which is found somewhere in the floded depths. this is also required to make the red blocks explode

  22. snazz says:

    53 min and 24 seconds

  23. Sammy b. says:

    57 min. 43 sec. Beat that!!

  24. scout pig says:

    how do you get up the wall to the golden door?

  25. hotdog says:

    how do you attack

  26. game master want-a-be says:

    how do you beat the battlebat?

  27. nonononono says:

    How do you beat drillbaby?

  28. Boomboxindy says:

    it looks like it is easy but it is not you will get use to it

  29. the dlue deep says:

    How do you beat this

  30. ryjediscoutgod says:

    easy hey gamemaster can you give me some codes

  31. sniper says:

    how do i get the key after ive gotten all the achievements?

  32. guy just guy says:

    get to the ship after you can walk on the celing/ make sad computers happy/ and get the golden key. then make your way to the teleporter and get back were you started.

  33. nitro says:


  34. Max says:

    How do you attack?

  35. luko says:

    i have beat this game a billion times

  36. reginald says:

    how do you go into the water ?

  37. reginald says:

    can the block that blocks one of the power ups be destroyed?and if so how?

  38. reginald says:

    hey game master what is the giant bats weak spot and waht are those red bricks that look like legos

  39. lego man says:

    it is hrad

  40. jklo says:

    beat it it’s easy

  41. bigcheese says:


  42. bigcheese says:


  43. Iamcheif says:

    I,m willing to help you to find the power ups, boss weakness’s. I do not have all acheivments though…

  44. Flamin' Skull says:

    After you beat the bosses, how do you get to the ship again????

  45. almost a boy scout says:

    how do you beat battle bat?

    • Wiipeeps says:

      go to the supply closset, and look for the golden box with 2 j’s on it. now go back to the bat and fight him. it it easyer. ( :

  46. Puzzled about a game says:

    What is the weak spot for the battle bat? I tried just firing at it, firing at the crystal on it’s head, and it’s wings.

  47. djnas 2 says:

    i like the theme song

  48. nnnnnnnnnn5666 says:

    how do you use explosive stamps?

  49. Game master says:

    Look for bosses weak spots

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