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Pedro’s Space Adventure 2


Want more fun? Try Pedro and Ordep’s Space Adventure, the first game in the series.


37 Comments on Pedro’s Space Adventure 2

  1. i hate this game

  2. monkeyman,

    What do you need help with?

  3. whats a pedro pattern

  4. the strange person // February 25, 2011 at 3:56 pm // Reply

    how do you get the award minimalism

    • master of game // March 25, 2011 at 12:31 pm // Reply

      You beat the game with only required powerups no special delivery no gun upgrades!!! I have it it was a little harder than usual.


  6. I cant kill the gaint crab on level 1

  7. hARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i cannot beat this game !!!!!!!!

  9. how do you get bom letters?

  10. it’s awsome

  11. help me!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I beat the game twice!!!

  13. whoever never won the game i whould be happy to help you.I also can help you win the golden key and tell you were the golden door is.If you do not know were the golden door is or what it is.

  14. hi im a girl and i won 13 times this games is so cool. how many times has other people won this games?

  15. so boring but so fun.

  16. can`t get it i always go back to start!!

  17. asome game!!!


  18. I have all the awards. Questions?

  19. I got the award for beating the game, but HOW DO YOU GET THE OTHER AWARDS????

  20. totally fun AFTER you get the mailbag(guns)

  21. awsome!

  22. I hate this game

  23. need help!!

  24. this game is TOTALLY AWESOME !

  25. THE GAME MASTER // January 28, 2011 at 4:00 pm // Reply

    This game is even hard for me!!!

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