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  1. yo says:

    how do u get to the Super Golden Door?

    • luigifan says:

      Get the Super Golden Key. To do it, defeat Drillbaby(Cling to the ceiling and drop mail bombs on it’s red spot), then simply follow the path of crabs, bats, jellyfish(you can get the objective Dear Jellyfish here), and snails.And don’t forget the Haxorx power-up so you can get out.

  2. co11 says:

    awsome game BL

  3. help says:

    i dont know how but i cant do anything im stuck somebody help

  4. sodiumman says:

    first time doing it, and I got 105:03!

  5. i am good says:

    ask me anything i beat the game

  6. TrES-4 says:

    This is just a Pedro version of Robot wants Fishy.

  7. luke bond says:

    This is hard.

  8. pandaman says:

    this is a spoof of “Robot Wants Fishy”. It’s not real.

  9. laser24 says:

    does anything ever load!?

  10. ant says:

    how do you beat dungon crab?

  11. epic kid :D says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Yay! my new high-score: 39:07!

  13. atsp says:

    46:06!!!!!!!!! go me!

  14. Romulus says:

    How do you beat PAL-1000?

  15. ☺☻♥ says:


  16. gfhfhfhn says:

    how do you swim

  17. ☺☻♥ says:


  18. turtle says:

    I completed it in 154:38!

  19. AWESOME!!! says:

    how do you defet battle bat

  20. UltraBlackStar says:

    this is a spinoff of “Robot wants fishy”

  21. timten says:

    I love this game!!! I beat it like a million times!

  22. beat says:


  23. almost there... says:

    to beat drillbaby you need to jump on the roof on top of it and try to shoot in bitween the “ears”

  24. Dofopig9000 says:

    I think it`s hard

  25. skull99 says:

    this game is impossible!

  26. Awesomeninja says:

    how do you beat drillbaby?

  27. Lloyd says:

    i beat it it was from and im also a first class scout

  28. Agent J says:

    How do you beat PAL-1000, I got rid of the guns, how do you get to him?

  29. bacon101 says:

    how areyou supposed to defeat the battle bat?

  30. star wars fan says:

    how do you get the speshele dlivry upgrade in the cristl cavrins

  31. Awesome says:

    Finished in 52:33. Anyone else finish under an hour?

  32. Qwerty says:

    How do you get Peaceful Pedro?

  33. prune says:

    how do you shoot?

  34. prune says:

    HOW DO YOU SHOOT?!?!?!

  35. prune says:

    i like it

  36. Qwerty says:

    Can anyone who knows tell me:
    1. What is Fully Loaded?
    2. What is Peaceful Pedro?
    3. How do you get Dear Jellyfish? (I already know what it is.)
    4. After you get the key, how do you get back to the ship?

  37. yeerk slug says:

    43:19 and 101 aliens blasted! Beat THAT!

  38. sas says:

    beat it 10 times

  39. how do i man says:

    but it is hard for me to jump down then get back on the celing wen i am near the rocket

  40. Anonymous says:

    how how tell me how to get to the rocket

  41. hoe do i guy says:

    how do get to the mail rocket ?????

  42. hi says:

    boyslife games are beast! especially this game! How do you defeat the big crab? I’ve tried so many times with different power-ups and still can’t succeed.

    • timten says:

      you need to just keep shooting him until he dies. There should be a small thing on the bottom of the screen that will tell you how much life he has.

  43. hi says:

    don’t make any sense but still very cool and entertaining. if I knew how to play i would be blowin through levs like CRAZY!!!!!!

  44. R2-D2 says:

    how do u fix the broken teleporter

  45. Beatlesfan says:

    How do u get 2 bomb powerup in crystal cavern?

  46. brandon says:

    It rocks!I love it.

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