Comments about “Pedro’s Space Adventure 2”

  1. Minecraft4evar says:

    YO! I’m back! I was once a different fella’ but now I’ve changed,but anyway, I don’t remember how to get to the upgrade that allows you to shoot harpoons underwater. Could ya’ tell me how?

  2. jman says:

    how do you get to where you started after you jump down to win the game

  3. adart says:

    awesome,hard but awesome.:)

  4. goblinslayer1234 says:

    How do you get through the flooded depths

  5. Wokabooma 57 says:

    New Score: 97:09

  6. Wokabooma 57 says:


  7. BigFatMan says:

    Hamumu Software shoud make a Pedro’s Space Adventure 3 for boys life

  8. Pedro says:

    I beat the game 4 times and almost got all the awards.

  9. pedro says:

    3419 beat that!!!!

  10. lheraihuriela says:

    how do you get exploding mail

  11. minecraft says:

    I like the aliens. there really cool.

  12. awsome says:

    where do you find the piece for the teleporter?

  13. dooface says:

    i beat game be4

  14. Anonymous says:

    Time: 40:15

  15. bla bla says:

    How do you defeat Battle Bat?

  16. scramble man says:

    How do you defeat the Obtuse Angler?

  17. 007 says:

    how do you get to the crystal cave boss

    • Anonymous says:

      use the teleporter. get the crystal 4 the teleporter behind the giant crab.
      press x to use the teleporter

  18. BOOMER says:

    How do you defeat Drillbaby?

  19. 007 says:

    how do you defeat pal-1000

  20. billy says:

    i need to defeat battle bat

  21. Boy says:

    how do you get back to the space ship

  22. tin tin says:

    at the top of the game there is bomb mail upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. critic says:


  24. cheese says:

    how you kill krab

  25. bbc says:

    37:33 BEAT THAT jelly4me !!!

  26. jelly4me says:

    56:56! Beat that!

  27. bman says:

    how do you get past dungeon s. crab?

  28. Lordgauntlettron17 says:

    I made it up to the ending. Need any help from the start to how to get the key just ask me.

  29. Rhode Island says:

    Beat It, awesome game!!!!!

  30. Draken says:

    how do u destroy the boxes

  31. ditto says:

    so hard! I can’t even get past the two crabs that keep blocking the way! I have tried jumping, but it doesn’t work! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. help! says:

    how do you defeat Battle Bat?

  33. comett says:

    how do you beat pal-1000??????

  34. THE BOSS says:

    to put smiles on comites just make smiley faces with ((( and::: like this (:

  35. Pumpkin21 says:

    I have every thing but how doy you get back to the space ship?

  36. luigifan says:

    To get the Undersea Operation award, clear the “Impossible Tunnel” without getting hurt(Don’t worry, it’s possible!).

  37. luigifan says:

    Stupid Question Alert: How do you put yellow smiley face at the end of comments?

  38. luigifan says:

    Yes, I came back for more BL!

  39. luigifan says:

    I got the objective Dear Jellyfish. To get it, throw mail bombs at a jellyfish when it gets close to the surface of water. Also, to get the objective Time on your Hands, collect all the Chronox shards.

  40. 3.14 says:

    how do you defeat the battle-bat?/=)

  41. Dragonbuns says:

    FINALLY, I BEAT IT! After 2 years of trying, I finally did it! It’s super fun, but really hard.
    Hamumu! PLEASE make more!!!!

  42. DERP says:

    This game is a copy of Robot wants kitty

  43. pSpeed Racer says:

    How do you fix the teleporter and defeat the big crab ?

    • xXAVIENx says:

      You simply defeat the crab, (make sure you have throwing mail! To do this get past all the crabs and jump to the end and grab the orange block with a lock on it) then you grab the teleporter crystal (a small pink thingy). Then walk up to the teleporter and the crystal should go in. I’ve beaten this game 3 times. :P

    • wiipeeps says:

      get mail power then keep on shooting till its dead. then walk get the cristel and run into the telaporter

  44. SuperPower says:

    This game is totally awesome!

  45. luigifan says:

    Once u get the bomb power-up, you’ll be like “how did I ever get around without this thing?” Also, how do u defeat PAL-1000?

  46. lol face says:

    i beat the game

  47. ¥€LL0₩ says:

    How do you beat Battle Bat? I tried mail bombs and it didn’t work.

  48. ardetect says:

    How do you get the mail power-up in the bottom left of the game?

    • benjovi says:

      First, you have to defeat the Obtuse Angler and get the temporary shield. Then, you go down to the very bottom left of the game and you defend yourself from the snail there using that shield. The snail’s bullet should ricochet off your shield and go up, destroying the diamonds. Then, it is a simple matter to go up there and get the power up.

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