Comments about “Pedro’s Space Adventure 2”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you defeat the robot in supply closet?

  2. Soccer Jack says:

    How do U get the key!

  3. Soccer jack says:

    110 Enimies!

  4. Jack says:

    the swimming one is in crystal caverns

  5. dudejames24 says:

    boo ya 50 aliens

  6. Spyman says:

    Where is the water power-up

  7. blorpp says:

    It is funner than robot want fishy!

  8. ummm says:

    what does ^ mean

  9. mystery says:

    how do i hurt th battle bat ???

  10. mystery says:

    wat happen 2 ordep!!!!

  11. anonymous says:


  12. Jedi Bob says:

    How to you get the swim power-up????!!!!!!

  13. K-labit says:

    Meant to say 43:15. That is my real time!

  14. K-labit says:


  15. K-labit says:


  16. Awesomeguy2000 says:

    49:31, beat that!

  17. K-labit says:

    62 min, 38 sec

  18. 007Flash says:

    How do you get the explosions power up

  19. Anonymous says:

    11:45 sec ( not kidding! ) beat that!

  20. SKL says:

    47:56! beat that!

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. unknown says:

    10 min 35 sec

  23. kentie says:

    were do you go first

  24. jj says:

    124 min 46 secs beat that suckurs

  25. how do you get force field says:

    how do you get force field

  26. Captain Weedwacker says:

    I beat it in 60-47 haha!

  27. ... says:

    how do i kill the obtuse angler?

  28. ... says:

    how do i hurt drillbaby?

  29. Loopy1330 says:

    You guys Know that this game is really “Robot want Fishy” and they just changed the characters and colors right?

  30. discostu says:

    its fun

  31. awesome says:

    i beat all the bosses and got all the powerups now what do I do?

  32. yeah says:

    I did it in 76:41. Did anyone beat that? I hope so since this was my first time.

  33. Yeah says:

    Pedro is supposed to collect mail, not throw it!

  34. RockWolfScout says:

    It’s super easy once you get the hang of it. I finished it twice

  35. Iamchief says:

    i know how to beat this game i can help

  36. wierdo x54 says:

    how can you kill monsters?

  37. mj20 says:

    dont know how to kill aliens!

  38. blorpp says:

    I am stuck. I just got the shield, any advice?

  39. I`m a tree says:

    how do u survive under the water stuff?

  40. lala says:

    I beat the game, but how do get to the super golden door

  41. I am a girl says:

    so 5

  42. nt46 says:

    this is a spinoff off of robot want fishy

  43. 6tall says:

    101:45 take that!

  44. freddy says:

    115.07 can anybody beat that?

  45. Minecraft4evar (AKA POOp-de-PANTS) says:

    Hey, I’ve beaten this game before, but I forgot how to reach the powerup in the Crystal Caverns that lets you throw harpoons underwater! Any advice?

  46. Minecraft4evr says:

    I’ve beat this game before, but I forgot how to get the harpoon powerup in the Crystal Caverns! Anybody have any advice?

  47. Aid says:

    It is cool!

  48. BOOGA says:


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