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Pedro’s Space Adventure 2


Want more fun? Try Pedro and Ordep’s Space Adventure, the first game in the series.


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  1. were is golden door?

    • at begining of game,but how u get there .i can not get back at begining of game even doe i beet every boss &up grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!help?

  2. what room do you go to first

  3. this game is so fun but it took me forever to beat it.

  4. 48:01!

  5. Rock-o-ages // August 26, 2010 at 3:37 pm // Reply

    I shoot and shoot a das boxen but nothing happens. Help!!!

  6. 50:00 min

  7. were is the dobel jump?

  8. I beat it in 57 minutes

  9. How do you beat Pal-1000

  10. Oh wait,never mind.I got to it.

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