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  1. bob says:

    Ibeat it 3 times

  2. awsome says:

    how do you get past bat cave?

    • GirlScout says:

      easy! ya gotta get the stamp exploder and the multi letter thing and your letters gotta be at least 1 away from stongest…

  3. dancermary says:

    this game is really fun!!!!!!

  4. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    this game is fun but it fails

  5. back at ya says:

    how do you get peaceful pedro and yay explosions? thanks

  6. ajk says:

    How do you get peaceful pedro, super combo, minimalism, and speedy delivery?

    • back at ya says:

      I’m as clueless as you. Do you have Yay Explosions? How?

    • back at ya says:

      Or Undersea Operation?

    • back at ya says:

      I found out!

      Minimalism – win the game without extra powerups (i.e. sharp words or special delivery)

      Peaceful Pedro – the hardest award, win the game with only killing fifteen aliens!

      Speedy Delivery – Finish the game very fast. Not sure how fast. Maybe 60 minutes?

  7. hi says:

    when u fix the teleporter which room do u go in 1st?

    • oasis245 says:

      The crystal cavern, it has double jump and swimming i think. then got to the bat cave and get the harpoon. then go to flooded and get exploding stamps. try to figure out the rest

      • back at ya says:

        Actually double jump is in the supply closet. Go there first. Then to Crystal Caverns. Then the Bat Cave. Then to Flooded Depths.

  8. oasis245 says:

    what do the red srystals do.


    After you deffeate the boxen how do you get the power up. it isn’t unlocked.

  9. BoyScoutMax says:

    This is a great game i am happy about the creators who made this game and good luck to everyone who plays this game!

  10. zackatack says:

    this is so hard !HATE IT!

  11. qwerty says:

    how do you jump

  12. Yoko says:

    How do you get the 2nd powerup??????

  13. piedude125 says:

    booh yah three day in the prosses and STILL the game master whoop whoop if anyone needs help ask meh but nothing about rewards

    • TJ says:


      • mattman says:

        you have to defeat him but first you have to get your mail to throw

      • oasis245 says:

        you need to get a power up to throw mail. go upstairs and dodge the crabs. jump where there is a ton of spikes and get past where there are two crabs. This part is very difficult but can be done. You can then destroy land creatures.

    • Time Traveller says:

      After you defeat the last villain, there’s that extra bonus in the Crystal Caverns. How do you stick to the ceiling and jump to get it?

  14. videofreak5876 says:

    i defeted the first boss and fixed the teleporter what do i do next

  15. Someone says:

    Ummm, how do you get past the snails in the tiny corridors near the end of the crystal caverns? Is there a second shield upgrade? Please reply.

    • piedude125 says:

      ill help you first you need the delfect upgrade with means you need to defeat obtuse angler go back to the end of the crystal caverns deflect his bullets upward so it will destroy the crystal and use the magnet to go up and there you have it

      NOTE: you Can’t destroy the second one

    • Anakin S. says:

      You know that orange box with the arrow pointing up. If you haven’t gotten it, it is in the bat cave. Get it and go through that hall you were talking about. Whenever a snail shoots press the down key and hold it down. Your second shield will appear. It’ll only last for a few seconds. Then you can do it over again.

    • someone says:

      Just keep shooting them until they curl up in their shells and run right past them. They stay in their shells for about 5 seconds.

  16. Speedy says:

    This game is so easy! I didn’t beat it yet, but I got every single upgrade. For the people who didn’t find the shooting upgrade yet, its a mystery for yourselves.It is way better than the first.

  17. piedude125 says:

    thank you nobody for the help

  18. piedude125 says:

    dude how do you get the shooting upgrade and where is it ? im stuck at the gait crab and cant repair the broken teleport please help someone

    • someone says:

      Go up in the direction of the mailship and jump from island to island. You’ll find an orange power-up. Beware of the many little crabs!

  19. fan of original developer says:

    silly business reasons preventing the developer from telling his fans that this game was done :|

  20. boo says:

    written from my wii

  21. BLODINAITOR X says:

    how do you beat level 1

  22. Time Traveller says:

    I’m not sure how to defeat the big… thing in the Crystal Caverns, and the Storage Unit and Processing Station are impossible! And where’s the bonus to defeat the Obtuse Angler in the Flooded Depths? Someone please reply.

    • bkboy says:

      I hope I can help time traveller. To defeat the thing in the crystal part, you have to have magnetism and exploding letters. To do the supply part you need exploding letters and the double jump which is in there. To defeat the processing station boss you need a happy computer thing that opens up its shield. And finally, the harpoon is in the area where you battled the bat. You need double jump and swim.

    • someone says:

      Swimming Lessons – Back of Crystal Caverns
      AutoHarpoon – Swimming Pool inside Bat Cave

      What you probably want to do is keep shooting the alien guns in the Supply Closet. Then you can get double jump (JJ). Then go to crystal caverns and get swimming lessons (looks like a duck). Go to the Bat Cave and get the Harpoon Power-Up in the swimming pool. That should help you along some.

  23. BataBill says:

    How do you get mail

  24. Xaul says:

    Yay I beat it

  25. PINGAS says:


  26. sam says:

    this ROCKS

  27. hayaden says:

    why can’t i shoot?

  28. me says:

    what are the awards.

  29. drew says:

    So Hard It’s Impossible

  30. coyotekid says:

    I beat it!! Fun game, easier then the first one.

  31. ajk says:

    Just won!! That was pretty fun!! Not as good as the first one though.

  32. midnight says:

    I can’t get past those crab things

  33. funny man says:

    Any questions?(besides awards)Just reply!

    • jojo says:

      How do you shoot?

    • Time Traveller says:

      How on Earth are you even supposed to get to the villains in the Storage Unit and the Processing Station? And how do you reach and defeat the villain in the Crystal Caverns? And one more thing… What are the platforms and computers randomly placed about for? Your answer would be most helpful.

    • piedude125 says:

      hey how do you defeat the pal 1000

      • ????? says:

        I keep getting stuck where you go back to the rocket. I walk on the ceiling until it there’s a low part. I try to fall of and then jump back on but I just fall of again.

    • vezzzzzzzzzz boom says:

      how do i get into the maze instorage room?

  34. Yay! Explosions! says:

    If you need any help, ask. I have all awards except dear jellyfish.

  35. P-Smitty says:

    Ask me anything!! I just beat the game!!!! I don’t have all the awards, though.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Ask Me ANYTHING. I beat the game!! I’m sooo excited!!!!

  37. LEADER OF FIVE101 says:

    To me, the game is hard on the first level.

  38. dolphy says:

    how do you get the key?

  39. noahk777 says:


  40. all says:

    how do you yuse thise arrow thing t fogot.

  41. Bobberto says:

    How are u supposed to get back to the rocket???

  42. TheDudeAbides says:

    how do you get the final upgrade in the crystal caverns

  43. luke says:

    this game is awsome

  44. Anonymous says:

    how do you shoot

  45. e-man says:

    how do you get past the block thingy after the giant crab

  46. I says:

    I have all the pwrups and the big gold key, but when I walk across the ceiling to get to the big gold door, I get stopped by a big ledge!!! Waaah HELP!!!!11!11!1!!11!one!

    • Wassabii says:

      i got stuck there too. all u hav to do is when u go to the ledge, push down then up while moving towards the ledge. this will drop you from the ceiling and hopefully (it took me a while to do it) you will jump back up onto the ledge

  47. pablo says:

    how do you get past the red bricks

  48. says says:

    how do i get the power up in the bat cave?????

  49. commander says:

    how do you get back to your space ship?

    • ajk says:

      get to the ceiling. then go as far left as you can. then fall but jump in mid air so you can catch the ceiling again. its not too hard once you know what to do.

  50. commander says:

    kindof fun, doesn’t look like pedro, my brother calls him birthday moose

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