Comments about “Pedro’s Space Adventure 2”

  1. bob says:

    how do you get to the golden door?

  2. ?Unknown? says:

    how do you get back to the golden door?

  3. ?Unknown? says:

    how do you kill pall-1000?

  4. ? says:

    This is total copyright from ROBOT WANTS FISHY. Total!!!!!!!

  5. destructo says:

    how do you get the mailbag?

  6. NinjaPaperCrane says:

    how do you get all of the awards?

  7. Empeor or enternal darkness says:

    I don’t now how to get past the first level.Help me please i don’t know where i am supposed to go. help help

    • anon e. mus says:

      Go right, above the spikes.When you are all the way there, there is a yellow box with a padlock on it.GRAB IT!!!it’s the weapon.

  8. Mr Bob says:


  9. logan says:

    isn’t this game familiar?

  10. gog says:

    I cant get over that giant crab that shoots lasers HELP!

  11. bobby says:

    How do you get back to the spaceship?

  12. Trooper 76 says:

    Robot wants fishy is this exact game but with a robot not donkey.
    LOL Great game :0

  13. zacharia says:

    how do u get over those 2 crabs that move really fast???

  14. x says:

    it’s really fun.

  15. knothead says:

    It’s my top game of BL.

  16. dojo says:

    i love it. reallylove it.

  17. hammer says:

    beat game!!!

  18. knothead says:

    How do you get back to your spaceship?

  19. The empire muggs back says:

    how do you beat the giant crab thing?

  20. knothead says:

    How do you defeat Drillbaby?

  21. Zachattack says:


  22. knothead says:

    How do you get swimming lessons?

  23. KEVIN says:


  24. knothead says:

    how do you beat the snails?

  25. Shadow says:

    I beat the game !! It’s awesome!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    how do you get the key!

  27. Newby says:

    Fun but Hard

  28. mighty crumb says:

    gotta get the key!!!

  29. ???????????? says:

    This game is a re-make of ROBOT WANT FISHY. Its exactly the same.
    The crystal to power the teleporter is behind the fish, and you beat the underwater boos by getting the harpoon gun in the bat cave.

  30. xyx says:

    this is the worst game ever

  31. Kevin says:

    this game is fantastic

  32. blabber flabber says:

    This is the best computer game ever!!!

  33. 12234679 says:

    Healp i cant get past the first leavel

  34. rmf27 says:

    This game is fun!

  35. who says:

    how to you get passed level 1

  36. lolman says:


  37. lololman2234 says:

    Cool game. Its almost exactlly like Robot wants Fishy from the ‘robot’ series

  38. 111111111111111111 says:


  39. cool&wet b$$$ says:

    i can’t shoot 1 bullet!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

  40. logman says:

    how do you coplet the game?TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Pedro rulze says:


  42. ninja says:

    i beat game in 5 min because i already beat it 8 times

  43. kid says:

    man this hard in level on how you beat the dungeon s crab

  44. Bobberto says:

    how do you beat the big bat?

  45. Rainshade says:

    Ok never mind i beat it.

  46. Rainshade says:

    How do you get Magnet Boots?

  47. mega mario says:

    man icant even getpast level 1

  48. Eagle says:

    How do you get Back at ya?

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