Comments about “Pedro’s Space Adventure 2”

  1. coolness says:

    1# is better

  2. cool dude says:

    in the cristal caverns how do you get the upgrade in the bottom left corner.

  3. Happyface 321 says:

    I have beet the game!
    If you have any questions post in reply to this one and i will answer!

  4. no says:

    omg this game is beast

  5. pakia+dialga says:

    were do go after you fix the teleporter?

  6. Happyface 321 says:

    How do you beat the angler fish? i cant seem to make much damage, and i have a lot of power ups. What power ups should i have?

  7. den kid says:


  8. kk says:

    my friend bet the whole game!!!!

  9. Happyface 321 says:

    Im not sure how to get past the bat…..
    in the comments it says to get the other power up in the flooded levels, but how do i get to the flooded levels, i cant get up there!

  10. Scout trooper says:

    Reminds me of the old Nintendo entertainment system platformers.

  11. bunny says:

    76 minutes, 13 seconds!

  12. mad scout says:

    This is an exact copy of robot wants puppy.Even the areas names are the same

  13. zachedoo says:

    this is hard.

  14. luke skywalker forever says:

    this game in a few ways reminds me of the first metriod WHY!? 1.there’s no map 2. you’re upgrading the heros defencences.

  15. miah9 says:

    total time 347:43!

  16. cool dude says:

    i finnaly beat the game. it took me 122 hours and 24 minutes

  17. Funny-boy says:

    Sorry, I ment “every”, not “evety”.

  18. Funny-boy says:

    This game is soooooo hard. I got through evety mega-villan, destroyed the little guys but I just can’t get through that fire-shooting snail at the place were I have to get the key.

  19. jab says:

    dood this game is the boume

  20. Smalls says:

    So hard that I gave up on it

  21. spence says:

    I won the game!!!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    its hard

  23. zuzs says:

    this game is hard

  24. game 4556 says:

    cool:)but hard :(

  25. gamer121 says:

    i won!2 times in a row!:}

  26. Super girl says:

    Hi i love this Game

  27. KI says:

    dont worry i did it!

  28. KI says:

    i cant get past the giant crab!if you know report a.s.a.p. ( means as soon as possible)by!

  29. cool dude says:

    after you get the rubber duckie where can you go? I am stuck down there!

  30. Mr. Awesomeness says:

    This game is awesome but it is a reapeat of robot wants fish

  31. pie says:

    that was easy

  32. sarera says:

    this game is hard. me and my frind are trying to beat it. but waer geting better.

  33. boyscout99 says:

    how do you get to the twobig brown box thing

  34. gog says:

    wat is the shoot butten?

  35. hi says:

    copy of robot wants kitty

  36. zim says:


  37. superscot says:


  38. Mr. Pikachu says:

    This is cool. Predro is an awesome burro. Oh,well,TOODLES!!! :) :) ;)

  39. near game completer says:

    How do u get to the golden door?

  40. turkey says:

    where do you get the rubber duckey,
    please reply s soon as possible

  41. Hidididididididid says:

    To get back to the spaceship, you get to the ceiling, and when you reach the bump in the ceiling, you hold down the left control button, press the down button, and a little bit off the ceiling, you jump back up and onto it again. (PS You can’t jump twice after you start falling!)

  42. Oalkstar23 says:

    Not only have I finished the game [in less than 15 minutes], but I have also won every single award that you can even get in this game! Finally!

  43. omgho says:

    i won the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Comp5400 says:

    How do you get past the long hallways for the last orange box in the crystal caverns?

  45. ninjastar says:

    how do u git to the roket

  46. jagman says:

    dont like this game

  47. billybob says:

    how do you beat pal10000?

  48. THE GUY says:


  49. yesman says:

    I completed the game!!!!

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