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  1. NDSF says:

    How Do U Kil Battl Bat?

  2. anon e. mus says:

    you have to walk on the ceiling and shoot the red light

  3. David says:

    i have killed Battle Bat, pal 1000, hadden blocks, big giant crab, but I need help destroying Drill Baby! can someone help me?

  4. iamcheif says:

    Now the obtuse angler is a bit tricky, you have to be accurate, where he shoots is his weak spot and thats the little beam on his angler, whats easiest to kill him is having 1 special delivery and the power up that makes letters explode. hope you beat the game.

  5. iamcheif says:

    How to kill pal 1000, first you have to use haxxar to make the four computers happy then pal 1000 will start shooting 3 bullets on each side, second is you’ve got to jump onto the beam on your left and start shooting right after he shot his last one and just keep repeating this and he’ll soon be destroyed.

  6. VanellaIce36 says:

    Conoss I beat it 17 times. ;)

  7. FLAME says:

    the bst gam I evr playd

  8. rock says:

    how do you get the swimming upgrade?

  9. Beatlesfan says:

    how do u kill pal 1000 obtuse angler imacheif

  10. conss says:

    so HARD

  11. the lab says:


  12. the terrier says:

    this game is better than the first one

  13. ReyRey says:

    eragon1210 l beat it17 best time was

  14. ilikeyoshi says:

    how do you kill the snails?

  15. iamcheif says:

    Jman you get the key by destroying drillbaby then a cave will open, then you’ll have to go through sections of the minions bosses, keep going and you’ll find the key.It might take awhile but you’ll beat it.
    Note you have to have all the powerups
    See you later (:

  16. eragon 1210 says:

    beaten this game 10 times…. best time was 29 minutes 56 seconds….. You all are just a bunch of PANSIES IF U CANT DO THIS

  17. jman says:

    the game restarted on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. jman says:

    how do you get the key iamcheif?

  19. JMAN says:

    iamcheif,how do you get the key?

  20. Evil Dibbun says:

    Iamcheif, how do you get out of crystal caverns after getting the swimming upgrade?????????

  21. dredd speed says:

    My old buddy Pedro is good on his missions. good job, pedro:)

  22. HELP says:


  23. jman says:

    how do you kill Battlebat

    • horselover says:

      you have to get the duck and then go underwater and theres a bomb that makes it easy to kill
      ps id kill it when i got all the things

  24. iamcheif says:

    I have all the answers you need, powerup locations, how to kill bosses except a couple awards.
    If in need of accistance ask me questions using my nickname with your questions:)

  25. zasdf says:

    how do you deafeat crabs???

  26. meat eater says:

    i hate this game

  27. daws811 says:


    What do you need help with?

  28. marioman says:

    whats a pedro pattern

  29. the strange person says:

    how do you get the award minimalism

    • master of game says:

      You beat the game with only required powerups no special delivery no gun upgrades!!! I have it it was a little harder than usual.

  30. Thescout says:


  31. bobtheslyar says:

    I cant kill the gaint crab on level 1

  32. zxc says:


  33. TIE MAN says:

    i cannot beat this game !!!!!!!!

  34. $$$$$$ says:

    how do you get bom letters?

  35. Ben says:

    it’s awsome

  36. sam says:

    help me!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. g-man says:

    I beat the game twice!!!

  38. anna09 says:

    whoever never won the game i whould be happy to help you.I also can help you win the golden key and tell you were the golden door is.If you do not know were the golden door is or what it is.

  39. anna09 says:

    hi im a girl and i won 13 times this games is so cool. how many times has other people won this games?

  40. grossboy says:

    so boring but so fun.

  41. glue says:

    can`t get it i always go back to start!!

  42. cooldude says:

    asome game!!!

  43. @wesome says:

    I have all the awards. Questions?

  44. Sir Bill says:

    I got the award for beating the game, but HOW DO YOU GET THE OTHER AWARDS????

  45. Sir Bill says:

    totally fun AFTER you get the mailbag(guns)

  46. zilliam says:


  47. batjon says:

    I hate this game

  48. monkeyman says:

    need help!!

  49. awesome a says:

    this game is TOTALLY AWESOME !

  50. THE GAME MASTER says:

    This game is even hard for me!!!

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