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  1. IKilledKenny2468 says:

    How do u defeet the 1st Crab thingy???

  2. jeopardy says:

    i cant kill drillbaby!!!!!

  3. tundrastar999 says:

    get deflector. equals the shot goes up. slugs shots can destroy crystals in the crystal caverns

  4. the strange person says:

    “master of the game how do you get minimalism

    • abculotta says:

      use only the things you need all upgrades, level 1 mailbag, no special deliveries but you need to get the bomb stamp for later in the crystal caverns and defeat all the bosses you want.awards do not affect it.

  5. shaymin 101 says:

    awesome game !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. froster says:

    I beat it. final

  7. froster says:


  8. t.rex man says:

    prees down dude.

  9. kd says:

    how the heck do you start playing it?!?!?!

  10. tundrastar999 says:

    this is the awesomest game ever:D:D:D:):) if this is not awesome i9 dont know what is

  11. WOW says:

    Hey on this day Pedro was on this page and had a 25 over his 3ds so i can enter in to win :)

  12. ninja says:

    get the block stamp from defeating the obtuse angler and if
    you get all stamps,go to crystal caverns and get the key by blocking the bullets.Need Mag-boots for this.

  13. abculotta says:

    what is HaXXoR

  14. abculotta says:

    what is that upgrade next to das boxen and how do you get it

  15. abculotta says:

    where is the magnet upgrade?

  16. cobra says:

    how do you find the golden door?

  17. kenpo says:

    39:1 record time

  18. whho. cares says:

    Luuuvvvv It! :)

  19. xae-xae says:

    How do you shoot bullets?

  20. jeopardy says:

    i also dont know how to use the tri-prism.

  21. jeopardy says:

    i cant get to the multiple letter upgrade in the crystal caverns.Please help!!!!!!!!!

  22. longrange says:

    Not sure what to do.

    • fried egg says:

      you need to find the orange box, go as high as you can into the right-hand corner. this lets you throw letters and kill aliens after that just explore and collect more orange boxes :-)

  23. t.rex man says:


  24. abcxyz says:

    Very hard game!

  25. t.rex man says:

    when you see the ugly bat that is in armor atack him. press x to fight .

  26. t.rex man says:

    Get the bomb stamp. then go to the bat cave. then this is the part that you throw the mail.

  27. bly says:

    i dont even understand the game:(

  28. crazy monkey soapz says:

    IT is confusing!!!

  29. crazy monkey soapz says:

    Do you get to fight????

  30. crazy monkey soapz says:

    HOW DO YOU ATTACK!!!????

    • master of game says:

      Far to the right and up there is a orange square with a lock on it, get it. Press X(on your keyboard)to shoot. Have fun!!!

  31. master of game says:

    What are your best times people lets have a contest mine is 26:38. The only award I don’t have is Speedy Delivery. Aske me anything but that. What are your best times? Mine is 26:38.

  32. dscrazy says:

    ive got all abillities, but I can’t get to the golden door. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • master of game says:

      You need to have the magnet upgrade that lets you walk on the roof. Go back to where you first got the mailbag(guns) jump onto the roof and walk left. There is one tricky part, you have to drop and jump in mid-air. Have Fun!!!

    • Goofball says:

      It’s rather tricky but you can jump of the ceiling onto the ceiling again.

  33. Anonymous says:

    how do i get the mail

  34. Man with Funny Tie says:

    I beat the Game it was SUPER easy!!

  35. master of game says:

    How do you get Speedy Delivery???

    • Master of Game says:

      I finally got Speedy Delivery. Speedy Delivery=reach the mail barge in under twenty(20) minutes. One of the times I was trying for it I got exactly 20:00 but it wasn’t Under twenty minutes it was twenty minutes, but when I got 19:34 I got the award.


      Master Of Game

  36. Cutelove says:

    How do I get to a high place?
    please reply.

  37. Cutelove says:

    Way to hard I can’t get one power

  38. Wackodude says:

    why does it have to be so easy to die????

  39. t-brezzy says:

    this game rocks but could use better graphics

  40. Speed says:

    What’s the mail barge please reply!

  41. Speed says:

    You need the magnet upgrade you need HaXXoR to get it it is in the middle room on the right. when you get the magnet upgrade go to where you first got to shoot the mail and jump up on to the roof.

  42. monkeytoad1 says:

    how to you fix the broken teleporter

    • master of game says:

      kill dungeoness crab with the gun beyond it is a mini crab kill that after that there is your teleporter crystal once you have it just walk up close to the teleporter and it should work.

  43. The Best Yoshi says:


  44. unknown says:

    How do you get Peaceful Pedro, Speedy Delivery, and Super Combo???

  45. sonic x says:

    What they mean by “blue hedgehog” is none other than Sonic the hedgehog!

  46. TYTY says:


    • saenae says:

      to attack u have to get the powerup, and then you use X and then u will throw letters, and that will after a while kill it.

  47. almostaboyscout71011 says:

    How do you defeat Battle bat? Please reply!.

  48. David says:

    What do the rewards do? do they make you a better fighter in the game?

  49. nic says:

    how to gold door

    • master of game says:

      You need the magnet upgrade you need HaXXoR to get it it is in the middle room on the right. when you get the magnet upgrade go to where you first got to shoot the mail and jump up on to the roof.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is a wall blocking your way to the door on the ceiling. Now what?!?!

      • master of game says:

        if it is the golden door walk into it it will disappear if you have the key if not try double jump.

      • abculotta says:

        (he means defeat das boxen,find the shield upgrade,get the upgrade next to das boxen(HaXXoR),make the computers happy,defeat pal 1000,defeat drill baby,get swimming lessons,kill the obstuse angler ,get tri prism, get key in…


    • johnny says:

      You need the magnet upgrade you need HaXXoR to get it it is in the middle room on the right. when you get the magnet upgrade go to where you first got to shoot the mail and jump up on to the roof.

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