Comments about “Derby Town Racing”

  1. Goldbergs says:

    Bad graphics but still a great game

  2. mikey says:

    RT Furno: Easy? How come you can’t win without powerups?

  3. furno says:

    To Easy

  4. Awesomekid says:

    Great game.

  5. Cake🍰 says:

    Hey man machine

  6. B. Baggins says:

    I love this game!!!

  7. Rexington91 says:

    This game is sooooo much fun! The graphics are really good, and the levels are not too challenging. This game is really one of the best on this site.

  8. Populer911 says:

    Anyone notice I LOVE Racing!?

  9. doyaplayroblox? says:

    hard for me on easy lvl for some reason lol :)

  10. minecrafts says:

    Bad game

  11. epicly epic221 says:

    I wish they had some kind of cooler version with multiplayer.

  12. Rock Star267 says:

    Good idea, but just like Mariokart with terrible graphics

  13. Anonymous says:

    looks like Minecraft

  14. 20!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    I have beat it 20 times!

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. DJoseph says:

    Who wouldn’t choose the speed hunter

  17. Populer911 says:

    Well,did you do funny car races?

  18. Frosty The Fatman says:

    this a weird but cool game

  19. The Rotcod says:

    I just beat it, now what happens?

  20. Dude101 says:

    What is the best car?

  21. killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  22. pedro says:


  23. IPad user says:

    I can’t believe I can’t play on ipad

  24. liam says:

    Only kid

  25. Arc0009 says:

    lol ya secret

  26. Laserguy says:

    How do I buy things in shop?

  27. 123 says:

    it looks like minecraft with all those bloks

  28. secret says:

    It kind of looks like Minecraft,if you ask me.

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