Comments about “Derby Town Racing”

  1. Boss says:

    i made it to boss in about 20 minutes!
    this game needs more upgrades

  2. beett/ojkl says:

    too easy but really fun

  3. nauh man! says:

    its not working

  4. marine says:

    I wish they made a torument for derby town racing

  5. monster energy says:

    I wish they make newer upgrades on the cars and weapons.

  6. Shadow says:

    it dosent honk, it barks.

  7. meltzero8118 says:

    needs a restart button

  8. Nate says:

    You press B to honk.

  9. lego bro says:

    kinda like mario kart

  10. lego bro says:

    i agree with game critic and louie its hard

  11. really says:

    how do you honk?

  12. Dalton C.P. says:

    Has anybody beat 17575 derby dollers?

  13. Dalton C.P. says:

    The Boss is crazy.

  14. #1 scout says:

    awesome racing game

  15. Dalton C.P. says:

    They shoud make new races every month.

  16. crape says:

    how do you get the funny car

  17. lol says:

    the boss is so easy

  18. robot4567 says:

    Got ALL gold medals and boss car and 15,798 derby dollers

  19. SILLY GUY says:


  20. doglover101 says:

    game is really fun but kinda easy!

  21. scout says:

    I like it but it needs more action

  22. Karate kid says:

    I have all the upgrands and $17450 in unspint mony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 607 kid says:

    how do you beat the funny cars help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Game Critic says:

    I have hard time controlling the car

  25. garmadon55 says:

    I love pinewood derbies!!!!

  26. samurott says:

    this is WAY to easy. they should make it harder.

  27. the E man! says:

    I am the boss… and I I got all the upgrades. BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. superdupe says:

    I need more character slots. I have fully upgraded with all my cars an am boss, and am bored.

  29. !!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    I’m boss.

  30. awesome says:

    lol i beat the boss by like 25 sec.

  31. lolleypops says:


  32. SCOOTER says:

    I LOVE IT.

  33. hi man says:

    it is fun but the game looks cheese

  34. nitro says:

    when you finish all races in first place you get the boss car

  35. redhotrod says:

    it’s like mariokart wii. bomb=green shell, shrink=lightning, mine=banana, and mushroom=mushroom.

  36. polar person says:

    Beat the game once amd for all ! ! ! ! !

  37. nascarfrk says:

    I know right axl this game is awesome.

  38. nascarfrk says:

    This game is so awesome that I could play it all day long!!!!


  39. o says:

    it is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. cronos says:

    This is the best game!

  41. says:

    its really fun but kinda hard

  42. The Bomb says:

    Ths game is so ez. Beat the boss in all of the levels!!! :)

  43. awesome guy says:

    how do you beat a boss

  44. The Game Master says:

    This game has a high replay value, because you can choose to upgrade different things each time.

  45. MormonOTheCubs says:

    This game is super fun but kinda hard! :) P. S . I beat the boss!

  46. west says:

    I beat the boos in one level

  47. axl says:

    love it who thinks of these awsome games that are really cool

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