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  1. dasherator tips says:

    tip #1: buy plenty of upgrades. upgrades will help very much during pro and duel (boss) races. #2 go 4 speed and boost time 1st than grip. #3 the race closest 2 bobcat beach (map) has many ‘shooms on the course making it the easiest. #4 if you beat boss boss every time you unlock his car (or so it’s said…). #5 get plenty of items/weapons they are very helpful. thanks 4 reading! see you next tim 4 more dasherator tips! ;) — the dasherator

  2. tman says:

    i love it

  3. beast says:

    its hard to beat a race

  4. gman pack8 says:

    Sweet game

  5. booper says:

    my name is booper and try to beat me.i am way boss.good luck beating me!

  6. YamyIt's says:

    Why can’t I play the game?

  7. minecraft rox says:

    hey guys i just want to let you know that when you beat the boss you get his car and everything

  8. MVSR says:

    This game really brings together fun, adventure, and speed. When I play this game, I think of Minecraft and Need for Speed. I think there should be “Derby Police” who come after you if you hit a car – that would be awesome.

  9. Anchor says:

    looks alot like minecraft

  10. E-man says:

    how do we honk without hittin a car

  11. monster1 says:

    I am the boss!!!!

  12. p says:

    I beat boss 4 time

  13. TYLER says:

    my nicknames big t Try and beat me everybody

  14. vgnfj nsfnamfng says:

    This is a awesome game I have been playing since I was 7 years old.

  15. yoyo95 says:

    this game is the best

  16. dtr2003 says:

    I beat the boss 1 time.

  17. Dl man 3332 says:

    got all stuff!

  18. jg24 says:

    i agree with raygun not ebest

  19. moooooo says:

    i saved an account and its not letting me on!!!!!

  20. game master says:


  21. RAYGUN SHOT says:

    but it is a great game

  22. RAYGUN SHOT says:


  23. ebest says:

    worst game ever!

  24. Mr.Jester says:

    Cool game i like it alot. 5 sttars :)

  25. secretspy284 says:

    i can’t play it

  26. secretspy284 says:

    how do you get to play the game

  27. sanden says:

    how do you get to play it

  28. coo-coo says:


    Boys life! give tis game more upgrades!

  29. CRESS356 says:

    1 Boss Battle, coming right up!!!

  30. BSA 584 says:

    Dudes I finished the game a gazillion days ago. It was fun :)

  31. natrat says:


  32. Luke Skywalker says:


  33. con says:

    how do u beep the horn

  34. 56bull7 says:

    totally great game, needs more upgrades

  35. bob says:

    you can do this in real life

  36. nascarfrk says:

    Just finished the game!!!

  37. Queen says:

    This Game rocks! I won the whole game on one of my files!


  38. crash says:

    Looks like i’m the king here

  39. Tornadoman says:

    Amazing game! Can’t stop playing it.

  40. greenboy233 says:


  41. shoop da whoop baaa says:

    Woa.its pretty awesome, if you ask this guy. :D :o :/

  42. Yoda says:

    I`m stuck on level 3! Can someone help

  43. boss says:

    i am the best out their so dnt try to play

  44. cooldude22 says:

    i cant play it

  45. awesomeness says:

    I rock this track!!!! :p

  46. awesomeness says:

    I agree! DEFINITELY need more upgrades!! :)

  47. redman says:

    crowned champ

  48. Dalton C.P. says:

    Hey,i”m the Boss.In your face.

  49. white says:

    come on they need more upgrade. i got all upgrades and completed all levels

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