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  1. TheBoss says:

    Anyone know what the red square is on the map. and I’m the ulitmate boss of this game with 115724

  2. austin says:

    my thing does nothing after picking car

  3. boss says:

    a mix of minecraft and mario kart.

  4. iamchucknorris!!! says:

    make it to where you can fall of the bridges

  5. Cool guy says:

    It is awsome

  6. rex says:

    this game is awesome

  7. Bobbing Bobcat says:

    It’s too easy!!
    They should make a level after Funny Car!!

    • MinecraftMaster says:

      totally agree. im the boss of derby town, have 6125$, and am completely BORED!!!

      • says says:

        I agree that it’s too easy. But it’s still fun!
        It’s better than most games, which you play twice and your’re stiff bored. This
        game you can play on and on and on….

      • derby town king says:

        i love playing minecraft

  8. MinecraftMaster says:

    CLASSIC GAME!! luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lwoois says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    kinda hard

  11. Cody2369 says:

    I like The game Derby town racing because it look,s like mincraft and I like racing games.

    • yuiop says:

      it does look like minecraft

    • Anonymous says:

      Want to beat the boss? Beat the boss to the speed!
      Don’t go for the weapons unless you are ahead of the boss. It seriously worked for me!
      I’m on Funny car and I am a pro!

  12. Dalton C.P. says:

    my screen has gone wacky!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  13. mr AWESOME says:

    Most awesome game like me I’ve ever played

  14. julianht says:


  15. ????? says:

    Seriously. How do you beat the boss?!?!?

  16. legoguy says:

    in the magazine it looked like minecraft p.s. in the real derby my car is the red dragon and i got 9th place

  17. joshamo says:


  18. ms.jflh says:

    this game makes me wanna RAGE!

  19. Samurai boy says:

    I thought it was great!

  20. The MInecraft scout says:

    love this game really fun and hard at the same time

  21. dude says:

    it is just like minecraft

  22. reaper says:

    this game`s o.k

  23. dr.elmo in your dreams says:

    i beat the game in 1 hour. better then two.

  24. Minecraft man says:

    I have got all of the upgrades!“`

  25. BSA Boss says:

    Sweet, good game for people with gaming skills!

  26. bobby says:

    I finished the game

  27. derby town king says:

    i beat this game in 2 hours

  28. Djwest says:

    I love this game

  29. Green Gas says:

    I like BLUE AND GOLD 500

  30. bobby dee joe says:

    hi this is AWESOME

  31. snack says:

    none of the games work

  32. Remster says:

    It lets me pick a car and then it just plays music. Am I missing something?

  33. awesome cobra says:

    love this game i have beat the boss!

  34. Minecrafter says:


  35. C-Code says:

    My fav game of all time

  36. Dethbysnake says:

    I can’t play:(

  37. yoyoman says:

    I was about to win and the game crashed!

  38. Eye Brawler says:

    The “BOSS” was so slow I creamed him I have creamed him so many times I now have 900,000 bucks

  39. Ady Girl says:

    I am working on beating the boss, I have just got to pro.

  40. asome#1 says:

    I beat the boss by a little bit

  41. bbc says:

    I am still the boss and now I have $50000 :)

  42. Qua77 says:

    AWESOMENESS is what this game is

  43. bbc says:

    I am the boss and I have $29025 :)

  44. Cool kid says:

    I love it

  45. ganes9 says:

    it can’t remember my profile

  46. BIGGDOGG117 says:

    BEST GAME ON HERE!!!!!!!!

  47. cheesehead says:

    I bombed the boss with a bomb before he got to the finish line ( Which I crossed first ) but it said that I lost! That is totally unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. horror 5655 says:

    i love this game

  49. turbo says:

    i love it

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