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Derby Town Racing

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Love the pinewood derby? Click for photos of great cars, videos of amazing races and tips for building a fast car.

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34 Comments on Derby Town Racing

  1. Im on the iast boss 😛

  2. i love this

  3. It’s so good!!!!!!

  4. im the boss in the game

  5. 34000

  6. This is the funnest game EVER!XD 😄

  7. king of games(i was lol) // October 3, 2010 at 10:49 am // Reply

    beat that!

  8. lol (now change to king of games) // October 3, 2010 at 10:47 am // Reply

    i beat all the bosses,got the bosses car,am 1st place,and got gold in every race on all three files!:()

  9. all races beat i am the boss of derby town $123,950 and my car is fully upgraded rock on suckas

  10. this is sweet i got first of all time.

  11. this game is wiked hard
    i cant cintroll my car:(

  12. beat boss on all races and upgraded car to max

  13. how can you guys like this

  14. this game stinks!!!!!!

  15. how do i play online games?

  16. The boss is SO easy

  17. how do you start it?

  18. Me to supercross

  19. 26,200 dudes

  20. this game is so awsome i have came in fist every race

  21. I beat 2bosses!!!!!

  22. i am in 12

  23. I love this game because i like car

  24. i beat boss on every track

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