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  1. DDC the awesome says:


  2. Skidflap says:

    Love the game, but I can’t beat the last funny car race! I have $19,125 and I have all the best stuff, but I keep coming in either 2nd or 3rd! :)

  3. Frizzy says:

    I beat boss on all three profiles and I’m number one all of them overall really easy but a little hard to get money.

  4. Luigi Time! says:

    Hey, kids, look at me! I’m the boss now! Heh heh! Nobody can beat me! Ha ha ha!

  5. wizard101 reccomender says:

    cool game really interesting format

  6. scout kid 2732A says:

    It’s not as fun as the game was before I FINISHED IT!

  7. gamer121 says:

    i love it :)

  8. noahk777 says:

    best game EVER!!!!

  9. default13 says:

    man this is fun

  10. g man says:

    by the way its at BOBCAT beach

  11. ddd says:

    I only did 3 race and I am in 14

  12. black413 says:

    very fun i won each one

  13. OhWow says:

    when it comes to driving i stink ;P

  14. Gamer Dude says:

    I think it is fine.

  15. Gamer Dude says:

    I think it all is kinda neat.

  16. gog says:

    i cant gt past the 2nd level(please help)

  17. i me and myself says:

    i’m champion of Derby Town, 1st in standings with 1102 pts, i have $38,000 cash, and i beat all the funny car races!

  18. Anonymous says:

    me come and shoot you down boss. GRRRR…

  19. rat says:

    that is a fun game!

  20. Jmoney says:

    my locatoin is 1 place

  21. dominator says:

    I beat all the bosses and the funny car races and I’m very high in the standings!

  22. hotman says:

    im up to 12th and behind by like 40

  23. iamnoble6 says:

    i rock at this game!

  24. banana jelly says:

    UGG!!!!!!! I can’t get the little guy to move where I want him to!! It’s fun just takes ALONG time!

  25. boss says:

    nice,NOT! you cant beat 40 seconds or so. ha ha! we’ll see who gets the last laugh!!!

  26. Luigi Time! says:

    Boss: Very mean.

  27. gog says:

    best game(just cant get past 2 levle)

  28. rmf27 says:

    Beat that? With pleasure!YEAH!How ya like me now boss?!I’m coming for ya!

  29. dude guy says:

    i beat the boss on every level!!!!!!!!!!

  30. denner1 says:

    at school I got 450 dolloars in dearby raceing so I hope I willget a lot of cash.

  31. Willb25 says:

    GOLD on everything on BOBCAT’S CRASH COURSE (except the BOSS)!!!!!!

  32. denner1 says:

    For me, this game is really hard, but asome.

  33. invader says:

    sherbert your right!!!

  34. knothead says:

    Don’t get in front of Jim or Speedy. Understand? I hope so.

  35. bad man says:

    i love it but the boss is mean

  36. fireball says:

    Me gets frusrated:(

  37. zztop says says:

    i love it but its hard

  38. sherbert says:

    You should really be able to race with real people ( please reply if you like this idea).

  39. 800abc says:

    super awesome but kind of hard

  40. jamlol says:

    i beat the boss 5 times

  41. 3tv says:

    just beat the boss

  42. dracon says:

    it really rocks,its just that the competitors can get pushy!

  43. coco says:


  44. alex........ says:

    i love d.t.w.

  45. nyyanks00 says:

    awsome game

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