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  1. Enderbrine2k says:

    Doesn’t work on the kindle fire

  2. fredfred52 says:

    to kill corkscrew, wait till it puts out its blades (avoid getting hit!!!) and jump through the thin parts. Once at the top, hit the core. Corkscrew will then switch the core to the bottom. hit the core on the bottom, then it will put it back on top. Continue using this pattern until it blows up.

  3. Reletr says:

    How do you defeat the tractor beams that r on top?

    • LVL 9001 (YouTube channel) says:

      Simple, shoot those spiked things orbiting it, when they turn upside down (spike side down) you can use it as a platform to push the button and kill the thing, I recommend using Dread speed to kill Tractor Beam since he can hover and has the octodirectional laser.

    • Enderbrine2k says:

      I don’t know how to play this game. It won’t work on the kindle.

  4. pedro says:

    beat corkscew with pedro/flutterguy

  5. pedro says:

    how do you kill corkskrew?

  6. guyyt says:

    this is awesome

  7. darkhawk1 says:

    corkscrew is really easy once you figure out how to kill him

  8. cheese whiz says:

    dredd speed and flutterguy wins every time

  9. coolcat says:

    Beat the whole game rely easy (after trying to for 2 years).

  10. boys life costumer says:

    I really except,the level with robots is really HARD!
    Have fun!!!!

  11. bob44047 says:

    how do you beat tractor beam?

  12. bob44047 says:

    beat corkscrew!

  13. guy #haa says:

    Totally MAD

  14. 3DBOY says:

    pedro and fluterguy

  15. scoutman13 says:

    how on earth do you defeat tractor beamer ????!!!!!!

  16. alfafapedro says:

    again,intro like Star Wars

  17. STARWARS says:


  18. white night says:

    how do you beat tractor beam

  19. AWESOME!!! says:

    I defeated corkscrew

  20. minecraftian says:

    dredd speed and fiutterguy are a great combo


    How the heck do you defeat corkscrew?!?!?!?!

  22. coolman says:

    i think this is COOL

  23. NB says:

    Not very fun.(could be I’m not good)

  24. zager77 says:

    use dredd + flappy guy

  25. creamy nougat says:

    so awesome, but not updated very often…

  26. heeeey says:

    yes beat the game!!!!!!!!!

  27. $py100 says:

    but pedro is better

  28. $py100 says:

    dredd speed is good

  29. Endebros408 says:

    no u should use dread speed and flutter guy i beat it in about 15 minutes.

  30. yyeyeyyeyeyyyayayayayay says:

    use pedro and fluter guy

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