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  1. coolman103 says:

    if any one needs help ask me.

  2. coolman103 says:

    beat the game easy once you get used to it

  3. N8 says:

    the parrots are annoying

  4. bob says:

    how do you beat the factor beam

    • waterdragon says:

      first,you jump on a button. that lowers the sheild. then ATTACK!!!! the higher ones u need to flip the floating things by attacking it to get to it

  5. leman says:

    the first level is harder than i thought ;9

  6. tom (may be a girl) says:

    all the guys are bla!exept for pee-wee and flutter guy

  7. bitterbutter says:

    how do you get on top of corcskrew?

  8. data says:

    I randomly got a screen pop-up saying fps, rendering, and stuff like that. How do I fix it?

  9. kaBOOM says:

    how on earth can you get up on corkscrew???? I try to jump on the corkscrews, but i cant LAND on the thing, help!!!!! oh, why can’t dred speed swim???

  10. Tj whats says:

    Master,How do you beet lvl 3

  11. boogie says:

    i usually use dredd speed and flutterguy but i cant beat lvl 1.(i used practically every pair and died against longnut(probably i didnt get enough of the stuff that lvls you up(i need tips))).

  12. Webelo185 says:

    Game is chalenging, but fun.

  13. tom (may be a girl) says:

    u guys have to use pee wee and flutter guy;)

  14. gmath says:

    do anyou know how to get past secrit laer

    ps just so you know I am a bad speller

  15. corcman says:

    I beet all levels and I went back to the first one and beet lugnut in about ten seconds

  16. corcman says:

    I really wish I could use all pets at the same time

  17. I dont know says:

    its ok

  18. japandude says:

    to beat level 2 boss, you must climb through the jump-through gaps
    on his corkscrews. after this, you shoot continuously at that blue ball untill it flips sides. :)

  19. deej says:

    to beat corkscrew ya have toget on top of it and shoot the blue thing

  20. destroyer says:

    always use fluterguy and Dredd speed

  21. Oshowatt57 says:

    i like the monkey

  22. deej says:

    what does flutterfly do?

  23. Knives2000 says:

    This is a fun game!

  24. wolfsbane says:

    I’ve gotten every pet and character to the highest. I also beat the game.

  25. Peewee Harris says:

    how do you beat corkscrew on level 2?

  26. POKE'MON says:

    IT HARD!It inposubell!i want a way to defeat corckscru.

  27. lt Columbo says:

    i just cant figere level 5 out its the wierdest thing

  28. supergeek says:

    how do you beat lugnut

  29. pika ryno man says:

    how do beat you lvevl 2

  30. pokeball108 says:

    Pee Wee and Blockatiel are a good match for the first level. ;)

  31. yoshi says:

    I keep losing I mean dieing on level 1

  32. wacky says:

    hellp i cant its too hard cant do nutin

  33. gamefan says:

    mad monkey rocks!!

  34. sjz293 says:


  35. sjz293 says:

    could i have some tips

  36. hotmoma says:

    how do i defeet lugnut?

  37. storymonster0 says:

    How do win lvl Scrap Yard?

  38. i killed kenny 2 says:

    how do you get past nonexplosive rocks

  39. WORIOR101 says:

    SSSOOO hard!!

  40. i killed kenny 2 says:

    how do you beat corkscrew in level 2

  41. Candyman says:

    pretty much boring

  42. uncle bob says:

    must use pee wee

  43. uncle bob says:

    cannot beat 2 must use pee wee

  44. saicha says: hard…

  45. Duck bad luck says:


  46. joe says:

    i beat 4 lvls

  47. moi says:

    it was easy to win

  48. jtwoody says:

    use pedro on level 2

  49. Bacon says:

    I love it

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