Comments about “Mad Planet”

  1. coo-coo says:

    who is 4th and with boss

  2. huh? says:

    i can’t get past level two boss. so harrrrrrd?????

  3. mellomar says:

    love it :)

  4. mauler says:

    use pedro and flutterguy, that makes it easy-peasy to defeat tractor-beamer

  5. webelo from pack 295 says:

    wht do you use for sticky swamp

  6. the mouse says:

    I can beat the first 4 levels in under 1:15 each!
    The bosses are dead in less than 40 sec. each

  7. pking says:

    Tricky but fun!!!

  8. Jon says:

    Easy :-)

  9. me says:

    I used to hate dredd but he is pretty good with all up grades

  10. beast says:

    this is the easyest bl game evr. finished in 20 minutes

  11. nitro says:

    PEE WEE’S DA BOMB!!!!!!!

  12. retiredscout7 says:

    Dredd Speed at a high enough level is awesome with flutter guy. I would fail as anyone else.

  13. to i luv boys life says:

    it just flies around you, and nothing happens when it gets hit with something.

  14. Lightning says:


  15. person says:

    finaly done

  16. iteresting says:

    peewee is good with flutterguy in water

  17. James says:

    I don’t get it

  18. random says:

    what wall?

  19. Alpha says:


  20. yoyo says:

    amazing game cool!

  21. moi says:


  22. awesomeness_x5 says:

    peewee is awesome :P

  23. I luv boys life says:

    Awesome, but pretty hard. HOW DO YOU USE BLOCKATEIL?!?!

  24. the last olympian says:


  25. the mouse says:

    IMPOSSIBLE!!! How do the baddies spawn back after you kill them and play the level again??

  26. super man says:

    hard i say hard

  27. knifeboy says:

    Dred speed is the bomb! He can fly, shoot a laser and plus when you collect his upgrades he is unbeatable! especially with flutterguy!

  28. nitro says:

    I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! B)

  29. robot4567 says:

    I GOT ALL UPGRADES!YAY!!!!!!!!!!

  30. A Hippo says:

    it was hard :(

  31. qwer says:

    It’s easiest with Dredd Speed and Flutterguy.

  32. ilovesonic says:

    beat lvl 1 with pee wee

  33. loser says:

    i beat lvl1 with pee wee

  34. nathan says:

    can you help me?

  35. the dude says:

    my darn computer wont load the game :c !!!!!!!!!

  36. mba says:

    beat it easy the last level is easy.

  37. Bomber111 says:

    The whole game is soooo easy and the last level is the easiest.

  38. MMMEEE!! says:

    Actually, anywhere works.

  39. Flamin' Skull says:

    Beat this game 3 times IN A ROW!!!

  40. N8 says:

    i cant even can get past lvl 1 is there one guy or animal that is the best

  41. lego man says:

    I am on the fourth level and the boss is super hard! How many times does he have th show himself!!??

  42. syther says:

    i tried to load the game but it didn’t work!

  43. Spitfyre says:

    beeten it 3 times

  44. Anon E. Mus says:

    The boss’s weaknesses;
    Lvl 1 shoot the claw
    Lvl 2 the blue disc on top
    lvl 3 jump on the red button and shoot the emitter
    4 none , just spam
    5 none

  45. 1 says:

    how do you use blockatiel?

  46. zebulun says:

    this is pretty fun

  47. yuyu says:

    it`s easy

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