Comments about “Mad Planet”

  1. warrlockk says:


  2. How do you play? says:

    How do you play?

  3. minecrafter says:

    beat in 10 minutes

  4. Ojas says:

    I love Mad Planet! I’m not good ate games, but this game is easy!

  5. monkey says:

    any hacks?

  6. michael says:

    I love this game

  7. star wars fan says:

    I woN

  8. star wars fan says:

    how do yha beat corkskroo

  9. v says:

    boring! ._.

  10. mitch says:

    i got up to scrap yard

  11. little O says:

    To hard!

  12. Barf juice645 says:

    Doom squak eliminates all enimies on screen.

  13. mr.nobody says:

    use dreed level 3

  14. mitch says:

    level 2 is impossible.

  15. dsf says:

    i did level one but forgot how to do it

  16. TIE MAN says:

    this game is awesome!!!!

  17. konman says:


  18. lol55 says:

    cant get past level 1boss

  19. ash says:

    how do you beet level 1

  20. ACB8484 says:


  21. ACB8484 says:


    • coo-coo says:

      go for the disk

    • tails says:

      all you need to do is fire at the blue disk. the blue disk will move to the bottem if it’s attacked. Nomatter what, use dredd. the 2nd boss will shoot out these little bars, and you can climb on the brighter parts. If that doesn’t work, stand below it, and wait for it to get low, then fire at the blue disk from where you are standing.

  22. mad math says:

    boring after the 1,000 time playing it.

  23. me is a boss says:

    fun game try dredd and mad monkey

  24. HUH?? says:

    What does “Doom Squak Do?

  25. guy just guy says:

    level 5 boss is the easiest if you have dreed. with dreed I defeated the boss with only losing two lives in the boss fight

  26. guy just guy says:

    tips for level 2- pee wee is the only one who can swim but Pedro can “float” also, Pedro can access a secret entrance

  27. In,sednsacjcsk says:


  28. K says:

    It’s a pretty good game once you get the hang of it…

  29. dread speed says:

    dread is so cool after you upgrade him
    he can shoot so well and the more
    upgrades you give him the more
    lives he has

  30. brownie says:

    this is one of the best games I have ever played

  31. guy just guy says:

    different people are good for different things. dreed speed is good in lv1 because he can shoot the boss repeatedly you can use any helper for level 1. pedro is good for level two because he can throw exploding mail that lets him take a shortcut. use flutterguy in level 2 so you can regenerate when no enemies can get you.

  32. wow man says:

    easy. done with game 100 times

  33. dsgd says:

    awsum dudes

  34. anomnes says:

    level one is imposible.!

  35. Aces5 says:

    COOL I love it!

  36. jediguy says:

    one of the best games i have ever played

  37. jediguy says:

    love it! very very cool game

  38. starwars says:


  39. cool says:

    I am sick of not killing enimes. so, am going to shot them, WITH A LAZER GUN!!

  40. kid says:

    i like pedro the best

  41. harman says:

    i love dred

  42. Joshua says:

    madplanit is cool you have to check it out! :)

  43. Lightning says:

    to work flutterguy just stand still.

  44. Critical_Reviews says:

    Pedro and Mad Monkey FTW

  45. Critical_Reviews says:

    Dredd is the worst character!

  46. BOMBSAWAY says:

    i love it

  47. Muffin Man says:

    SO addicting

  48. beaster101 says:

    wheres the game master

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