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  1. pee wee says says:

    i got lugnut!!!

  2. boon says:

    level 1 is easy but level 2 is h a r d.

  3. Bboy says:

    How to beat the big guys:
    Deep Jungle: Hit the claw like thing.
    Sticky Swamp: Hit the blue thing.
    Ancient Ruins: Hit one of the gray things that go in circles and jump on. Jump off
    and hit the red button (not with your weapon).
    Scrap Yard: Hi the robot guy. Stay on the left side or he’ll hit you with his laser.
    P.S. He has a lot of layers.
    Secret Lair: Hit him anywhere and he will die.

  4. Bboy says:

    Good teams are:
    Pedro/Mad Monkey
    Pee Wee/Blockatiel
    They are in order from most powerful to least powerful.

  5. cman510 says:

    how do you get to corscrew with dred speed? i cant get past the first section!:*(

  6. eloiver says:

    dredd speed rocks

  7. stupihey says:

    dont do mad monkey

  8. BOY SCOUT says:

    the best pet is the monkey

  9. rovio mobile says:

    How easy can it be. My sister is good at it.

  10. Scout920 says:

    great game

  11. calum says:

    scrap yard is hard !!!

  12. calum says:

    how kill tractor beam ?

  13. sonic says:

    for boss 1, just shoot at the head-claw thing. for boss 2, hit the blue circle on it. (NOTE: it will change position after you hit it.) for boss 3, shoot the gray spikey things untill they turn upside-down, then jump onto them, and jump off and touch the red button-thingy. then, fire away! for boss 4, keep shooting at it, dodge its blasts, and DO NOT go behind it. for hat-on head, the final boss, just keep shooting and avoid his shots.

  14. 116211 says:

    a good game but a rip-off of the robot wants series

  15. flash12345 says:

    its cool

  16. usmcrocks says:

    use pedro or you lose

  17. Anon E. Mus says:

    Get Dredd Speed.
    Jump/fly onto that little platform where Pee Wee’s upgrade is.
    Jump on top of the tree.
    Jump on corkscrew and shoot blue dome.
    When the dome goes from top to bottom, walk over it and shoot down.

  18. coo-coo says:

    boring after playing it for the 1,000,000th time playing it.

  19. :D says:

    I FINALLY won!!!

  20. tomtom says:

    its the worst game ever

  21. :( too hard says:

    :( too hard

  22. :) says:

    how do you defeat corkscrew

    • pedro guy says:

      to defeat corkscrew, do flutter guy and speed, get to him, and when he shots his spicks climb up them and blast the blue thing.

  23. Anonymous says:

    to hard!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. mnook says:

    how do you kill corkscrew?

  25. mtw0728 says:

    i am stuck on level 3 and i neeeeeed help

  26. weblo3734 says:

    level 1 is too hard

  27. xtragamer says:

    wow…sticky swamp hard

  28. Qwerty says:

    This game is fun, and real easy once you figure out what to shoot.

  29. the destroyer says:


  30. legokid007 says:

    not too fun

  31. me says:

    mad monkey and pedro together are awesome!

  32. ZMONEY says:

    ITS FUN BUT HARD!!!!!!!!!!:

  33. steve says:


  34. bomb man says:

    exploding mail= awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. lol says:

    ho! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. cool guy says:

    how do you pass the machine in the swamp?

  37. cool guy says:

    how do you past corksreww?

  38. cool guy says:

    how do you get past 2nd door?

  39. skylander ruler says:

    gotta love the butterfly. Do you guys?

  40. Anonymous says:

    hey mitch how do you get past the corkskroo

  41. c man says says:

    how do you beat the corkscrew ????

  42. cool guy says:

    how do you get past the machine in the jungle?

  43. cool guy says:

    this game is slow,but i can’t wait to play it!

  44. Cookman says:

    How do you defeat Tractor Beamer?

  45. Anonymous says:

    i win i win!!!!!!111

  46. genius says:

    Ok, not that fun…

  47. MVSR says:

    A very addicting game! The upgrades are a little hard to get, but besides that, it’s awesome! I love how you can choose which character you can be.

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