Comments about “Mad Planet”

  1. 000 says:

    i have finished it at least 1 time

  2. ShrewManChew says:

    how do you beat level 3 boss thanks :-)

  3. izzy says:

    how do you play this stuff

  4. sonic says:

    hey silver,challenge you!

  5. Mooseman says:

    Beet with Pedro and Flutterguy. =D

  6. hey! :) says:

    i cant get past the first level

  7. rio says:

    beat it twice with flutterguy and dredd speed

  8. 813798831 oh yeah says:

    The music for the 4th level is the same as for the 100 year quest…

  9. fluff says:

    1 word…BORING

  10. WOW says:

    It loads so slow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lalaloooo1324 says:

    way too hard,way too hard,way too hard!

  12. dan the man 564 says:

    the 2nd robot thing iz epicly hard 2 beat

  13. sniper5543 says:


  14. dan the man 564 says:

    i just beat level 1 with pedro and fluterguy but level 2 is so much harder

  15. MAD GAMER says:


  16. jklo says:

    bad game

  17. hoejoe says:

    pedro your misson is collect ALL the mail and fly back to earth

  18. hoejoe says:

    finally beat wit dread speed & flutterguy:D

  19. Mezmolover01 says:

    Beat the game with just Dreed Speed and Flutterguy!=D

  20. cuter and cuter says:

    this game is more and more fun each time i play!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. lightning says:

    dredd speed+flutterguy best combo ever! at level2!

  22. ace11 says:

    awesome and easy

  23. BJ!!! says:

  24. Anonymous says:

    i beat the hole game and its fun

  25. ButterblueABC123 says:

    This game is so hard I am going to explode

  26. shoutoutscout says:

    Pedro and Flutterguy.

  27. iwannamonkeynow says:

    flutterguy is hilareous

  28. bad person is me ahhhhh says:

    i lik it

  29. fluffy says:

    mad monkey!!!!!

  30. madder planet says:

    i cant get past the first level :(

  31. I hate this game! says:


  32. Aaron S. says:

    sounds awesome

  33. red face says:

    So incredibly hard!

  34. pedro says:

    this is the best game i ever played my whole life!

  35. Cool an says:


  36. angry boy says:

    It really stinks I can’t even get to the boss but I come close

  37. bro says:

    I love it!

  38. rock jaw says:


  39. pedro says:

    i beaten the whole game!

  40. bro says:

    this is awsome!(:

  41. Anonymous says:

    hey people if youre here say i

  42. imuy says:

    To Hard :(

  43. JABBAtheHUTT says:

    This game is omg so hard I can’t even get past the first level lol.

  44. beat it guy says:

    oh yea. right

  45. captain sparklez says:

    this is a awsome game!!!!!!!

  46. pee wee says:

    bioticil is good

  47. pee wee says:

    pee wee is better than you think Bboy

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