Comments about “Mad Planet”

  1. hulk says:

    hulk smash robot man!

  2. spiderman says:

    how do u defeat skork krew

  3. gagrag says:

    how do you defeat level 2s boss?

  4. pee wee says:

    this game is hard but i wont give up

  5. sport says:


  6. minecraft123 says:


  7. Awesome dude says:

    Remember use dredd speed and flutterguy!

  8. Awesome dude says:

    I beat this whole game! 1st try :D

  9. powerminer\ says:

    pee wee and futterguy are awesome beet the game with them

  10. slenderman says:

    this is no lie i beat the whole inteir game

  11. Gunguy1011 says:

    The Monkey dude is AWESOME

  12. Ertys says:

    On level one use Dredd Speed and Flutterguy!

  13. celo green says:

    use pedro and mad monkey

  14. cool man says:

    dred speed & flutterguy or mad monkey are great!

  15. cubbybaseball4 says:

    so hard!! How do you even beat level 1?????

  16. mattdog12345 says:

    How do you win?!!!!!!

  17. PEEWEE says:


  18. Darko says:

    I like Using Dredd Speed. One thing I like doing as him is shooting at the ground and running around. It makes it look like his feet are on fire. LOL

  19. wolf800 says:

    peewee and flutterguy are grate

  20. #1player says:

    to kill qork skew jump on him thin fire at the little blue thing

  21. I'm a terrible gamer!! says:

    Will someone PLEASE tell me how to kill tractor beamer????

  22. Ram says:

    How many hearts are there in the game?

  23. Dredd Speed says:

    AWESOME! Just beat the game… fun, silly quotes, etc. Great job, Hamumu! Plz, plz, plz, make a second one!

  24. LeeLeeLCBP says:

    I dont really get this. Can somebody help me?

    • darth kid says:

      arrows move and jump x shoots. best guy is dredd speed cuz he can fly. to fly hold down jump. hearts give you more hits. to take out bosses you need to hit them in a certain place. on lugnut hit claw. corkscrew has a little blue thing you must hit. anywhere else is fine on anyone else. do not stand behind scrapbot to kill him. he can and will use his huge laser that he has on his but.

  25. Jedi Bob says:

    How long does it take for tractor beamer’s light to change?

  26. FOOTBALL says:

    this game is awesome

  27. survivor300 says:


  28. pedro says:

    i am only on leval 1.i hate the load its so long

  29. The Breakfast Machine says:

    Choose Dredd and Mad Monkey

  30. critic says:


  31. captain sparkles says:

    Am on level one how do you defeat it.

  32. beef man says:

    I am totally epic! Oh, and I haven’t played it before.

  33. 49er says:

    Dredd and mad monkey

  34. wacko says:

    dredd and flutterguy

  35. Why says:

    I’m on level 2. Can someone tell me which character and pet is the best?

  36. rexh17 says:

    i am on leval two does anyone know how to defeat it

  37. pokasome says:

    hoe do you beat 2 boss

  38. dodge says:

    this is a realy realy good game

  39. Waterlol says:

    Haven’t played before.

  40. bowsays says:

    dreed speed can fly is that cool.

  41. Lide says:

    is there cheats?

  42. fatty says:

    REALLY REALLY HARD, but still fun!

  43. so hard says:

    i dont even know how to use any wepons

  44. mario says:

    This game is hard

  45. alien 1123 says:

    im still on deep jungle because it is really hard

  46. 007 says:

    don’t like it

  47. 007 says:

    I don’t like it its hard

  48. AgentP says:

    Cant do level 2 so I just beat level 1 again

  49. 000 says:

    as long as the three characters and pets are at the same level they are equally powerful

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