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  1. charile says:

    to hard :(

  2. Negative says:

    I cant get the last Dredd power up in hatonheads lair because the jetpack won’t lift me high enough to reach some of the platforms! I get agonizingly close right before my jetpack runs out. PLEASE REPLY AND HELP ME!!!!

  3. jayhay says:

    Wich one is better, mad monkey, or flutterguy?

  4. Anonymous says:

    PeeWee is not the best one

  5. Mud says:


  6. IAMAWESOME says:

    How many trees do uy get through to beat level 1 and what happens at the end of the last level?

  7. FRED says:

    thanks ELEMENTAL i used the same combo you did to best level one!

  8. bbbbbbblah says:

    How do you beat corkscrew

  9. redigit says:

    mad planet is taltolly awsome!!! :D

  10. redigit says:

    TOLLTALY AWSOME!!!!still awsome even i didnt complete the first boss.

  11. FRED says:

    what happens when the bar beside pedro fills up

  12. The Man with the Banjo says:

    I can’t figure out level two.

  13. ravenboy says:

    awsome game!!!

  14. awesomeness says:

    how do u beat scarpyard?

  15. FRED says:

    i cant beat level one

  16. SuperPower says:

    Forget my last comment, I finally beat it!

    (P.S. With help from Pedro and Dredd Speed.)

  17. davy navy says:

    I repet best game ever.

  18. coolio says:

    awesome nes graphicks

  19. ELEMENTAL says:

    I used a combination of Pedro and Fluttrguy on level one!
    When ever Lugnut shot his head at me at shoot it with my letters.
    And when a UFO got close I’d shoot it with my weapon! And thats how I beat Lugnut! SEE YOU AROUND!

    ( :#

  20. J Boss says:

    Man those bird are SO!Annoying i keep on dying because of THEM!

  21. nemobuzz says:

    Dude you can’t beat Lugnut? Its easy peasy Lemon sqeweasy!You shoot at its claw!

  22. Yang says:

    It is SO hard to shoot with pedro!

    ( do you defeat leavel 1?

  23. danielb04 says:

    this game is awsome

  24. taheim says:

    it is ezey to beat boos1.

  25. Anonymous says:

    boss 1 is esey with mad monkey and dred seed you just wach out for the hand then shut it.

  26. somedude123456 says:

    This game is hard but addicting!!!

  27. BML says:


  28. conss says:

    Im on level1

  29. firestar says:

    this game is soooo hard

  30. Scout trooper says:

    Great game! Dredd and fluttergy has definatley got to be the best combination!

  31. sonic x says:

    Best guy: pee wee cuz he clings to trees and dredd

    Worst: Pedro

  32. cool answere says:

    jump off the cliff

  33. miah9 says:

    i beat it last boss was really easy

  34. davy navy says:

    best game ever

  35. riley says:

    beat the game! boo ya!

  36. 1324 says:

    good but hard

  37. 007 says:


  38. peewee says:

    got 2 lvl 2 got beat…fun though

  39. Peaty K. says:

    I think Dredd Speed is the best guy with all the power cells(Please reply if you think so too).

  40. spoon357 says:

    dred speed level 6 and flutterguy level 8 are the altimate team! i finished the game. the last boss is easier than the first.

  41. diego says:

    why cant i go to level three even thoe i beat level 2

  42. jamwam says:

    how do you get past level 2

  43. Indy says:

    Man! This game is EPIC! But what is the secret of Mad Planet? Please answer!

  44. 1 says:

    How do you use doom squack with Blockteil?????!!!!!

  45. Negative says:

    How many times do u have to charge blockatiel to get him to shoot stuff? I charged him all the way twice and nothing happened!

  46. pedro says:

    The second boss is super hard

  47. funny guy says:

    Dredd Speed is the best one.

  48. miah9 says:

    what combination is best for secret lair?

  49. SuperPower says:

    This game is awesome!

    (P.S. What is the second bosses weakness?)

    • spoon357 says:

      you jump on the spikes and on to the top then you shoot the blue thing, but if the blue thing moves to the bottom then you go down and shoot it there but watch out for the cluster bomb shooters.

    • c man says:

      you shoot the blue, spikey tire
      (p.s. it is easy with Dredd speed)

  50. bill says:

    Hard but Super fun!!!

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