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Mad Planet


Mad Planet is created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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  1. I WANT MY ALFALFA MILKSHAKE!otherwise,the game is pretty good.

  2. i cant move at all

  3. how does mad monkey kill enimes

  4. good how do you beat lugnut?

    • ShinyRayquaza // December 26, 2010 at 12:40 am // Reply

      You defeat Lugnut by attacking his claw-head (or whatever) being it has a red dot on it when he launches it out. If you attack his body, or attack the claw-head with it retracted, he will sustain no damage. I used Pedro with Flutterguy (both upgraded). Dredd Speed would work as well (probably somewhat better) fighting but its sort of hard to maneuver him to the boss in my opinion. Flutterguy is a good pet for his recovery dust. Currently I’m on Lv. 2’s boss and I can probably guess his weakness (the bluish pod on the top) but I cannot seem to get to it. I need advice on that.


  6. and dredd speed

  7. the mad monkey is so fun!i choose it for hard battle

  8. cool!

  9. Pedro+flutterguy=great game

  10. how do you get past the blocks on secret lair?

  11. im on the last level lol!!!!!!

  12. Man,this game is pure EPICNESS!!!!!! By the way, what does mad monkey do? 15/10

  13. Alright…so all you guys out there think this is easy…but I think this is REAL HARD!!!!!!!!!

  14. how do you do this thing!?

  15. fun but kinda hard

  16. The first boss is kinda hard

  17. game of the year

  18. how do you get flutterguys powder stuff?

  19. pokemaster 101 // December 20, 2010 at 8:37 pm // Reply

    use flutterbug with Pedro!!!!!

  20. I beat the last boss with full health!

  21. All enemies neutralized!! All the bosses are now space dust.

  22. this game is so asome. I LOVE THIS GAME.imalredy on level is sweet u know

  23. I can’t play this game at school because the computers are too old 😦 (dont worry I got permission first)

  24. HARD,it is a good game

  25. i beat the game. it was kinda easy–hat-on-head (the last boss) was a piece of cake.

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