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  1. puzzle master says:

    to deafeat boss 3, hit were the lasers come from Pedro + mad monkey = (:

  2. default says:

    ya bubby chub is right lvl 2 is imposible!

  3. bubby chub says:

    how do you beat boss 2

  4. GI Joe says:

    Love Ittt it’s sooo easy after you upgrade flutterguy cause then you almost always have full health

  5. trent says:

    this is definetly the best game ever!

  6. bubby chub says:

    levle 2 totaly like im poossable!

  7. bubby chub says:

    levle 2 use pee wee

  8. indiana jones says:

    the last one is a peice of cake mmmmm cake

  9. me! XP XP ME! says:

    it is hard but i beat it. :)

  10. duoaywhtduy says:

    I can’t get past the third part of the first level.

  11. me! XP XP ME! says:

    i beat it

  12. me! XP XP ME! says:

    it hard but i on last lvl

  13. Kemme says:

    This gameis really cool!!!! It’s beter than a DS!!!!! And it’s really not that hard!

  14. awesomedude says:

    I beat it and upgraded Dredd and Blockatiel

  15. GI Joe says:

    Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. jp says:

    made planet is so cool. U shuld play it ……… past lvl 1 so esey to play it lvl 3 is very hard to pas for me but I still ……….LOVE IT

  17. Mice dice says:

    I have all the upgrades and have beaten the game several times…It gets easier after a while…Also Dredd speed and flutterguy is one of the best combination

  18. #1 says:

    totally awesome

  19. pie says:

    that game is totally awesome

  20. BSA TROOP 13 says:

    need to destroy corkscrew HELP!!!!

  21. jet says:

    i just killed all the bad guys easy

  22. puzzle master says:

    I finnialy beat level one !!!!! Get up hi and shoot us3e pedro+Flutterguy

  23. winner says:

    how do you use dred speed in water

  24. march says:

    This game = cool

  25. smart aleck says:

    once everything is upgraded, all the levels are easy.

  26. i cant beat this game.opi says:

    How do you use Doom Squauk? HELP /:0 !

  27. i cant beat this game.opi says:

    HOW DO YOU BEAT LVL. 1! Its like impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. koolkid555 says:

    pedro + butterfly = lv.1


  29. eye spy says:

    How do u beat the spiked robot in sticky swamp????

    • spoon1864 says:

      you wate till the spikes shoot out then you climb up on them till you get to the top then you shoot the blue thing, but if the blue thing goes to the bottem then you go down to the bottem [obvesily] and shoot the blue thing, but watch out for the cluster blasters.

  30. lol says:

    i beat all bosses & 7 upgrades left!this easier than pedro space adventure 2!

  31. Bob says:

    how do you beat tractor beam???

  32. high score says:

    if u want dreed to fire his laser up u haft ta hit up. but when ido
    it makes him jump and lose a life. i need HELP!!!

  33. taheim says:

    Mad monkey+Dreedd speed = boss 1 defeated

  34. pop says:

    the upgraeds don’t work

  35. billy bob says:

    J Boss I know what you mean there easy to kill ,but pesky!

  36. kid101 says:

    its hard

  37. dandeman says:

    Also, I fully up-graded all the characters.

  38. dandeman says:

    awesome game. :) :) :)

  39. Peaty K. says:

    I BEAT ALL THE BOSSES!!!!!!!!!!

  40. mad planet conquer says:


  41. zack2010 says:

    hat on head has a lot of wepons

  42. claw says:

    how do you beat tractor beam

  43. funny guy says:

    Dredd Speed + mad monkey = AWESOME.

  44. Mario says:

    So hard!:(

  45. tanel says:

    way too hard

  46. pain says:

    how do you murder the third boss?

  47. pain says:

    how do you murder atractorbeam?!?!?!?!?!?

    • TheSuperforestman says:

      I used Dredd Speed.Basically,use your jetpack to hit the buttons on the Tractor Beamers,then the shield should go down.Then fire your laser up at it.You should be able to destroy it before the shield comes back up again.

  48. gangster says:

    some cool game.

  49. skeeter says:

    it’s cool,me and my bro finished it

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