Comments about “Mad Planet”

  1. vics says:

    fun but hard

  2. flyingjoseph says:

    I beat it!Awsome!

  3. Evil Dibbun says:

    I beat every boss the easiest are: 1:Lugnut 2: Hat-on-Head 3:scrapbot 4: Tractor beamer 5: corkscrew. 1=easiest, 5=hardest. The best characters for the different games are, deep jungle=Dred, Sticky Swamp= pee wee, Ancient ruins= Dred, Scrap yard= Pee Wee, secret lair= Pee Wee. Always use flutterguy.

  4. tails says:

    to kill the scrap bot, you need to fire at his chain saw

  5. gamefreak403 says:

    Not only is the game FUN,but it’s freakin’ easy too!I beat it like,10 times!!

  6. amir says:

    i think its cool

  7. i don't have a nickname says:

    impossible i tried with every pet and i only used pedro

  8. darth vader 101 says:

    to kill lugnut boss 1 avoid lasers when his claw is out BLAST HIM

  9. daws811 says:


  10. boy127 says:

    100% cool

  11. Wackodude says:

    I notice a LOT of people use Pedro- so here’s some tips from someone who has beaten the game with everything and everyone- Scrap-bot is the easiest boss to beat. The only hard part is running away from the exploding bullets. Beating tractor beamer means blasting one of the spiky things and using it as a platform. Then you can blast the top. Using Dredd on both of these bosses makes it immensely easier.

  12. HERSHY says:

    how do you finish Level 1?

  13. pedro says:

    how do you kill scrap bot?

  14. jps says:

    how do you defeat tractor beamer?!!!!!

  15. SPORTY says:

    What a fun game!!! It was fun.I have to say that i had a very bad score. (shh i died alot in this game)

  16. DUDE says:

    Awful i say…Hey but gotta say it was fun. but i had a very bad score:(

  17. Evil Dibbun says:

    how do you get to fight dr, hat-on-head???????????

  18. ProjectXa3 says:

    Dredd Speed’s aiming mechanism is a pain: in order to aim ‘UP’, it makes you jump at the same time. I actually lost 3 lives due to this in the second area, ‘Sticky Swamp’, when I jumped into those annoying fish.

  19. maverick1 says:

    ughh so hard i don’t know if i’ll beat it

  20. vbn says:

    wow!!!!!! 100%

  21. andercool says:

    Hey, I can do it! I can do it! Just keep telling myself: I can do it! And if you need any hints, here’s how you defeat corkscrew boss – all you have to do is jump on the silver part of the spikes, when you reach the blue thing, you shoot mail at it like crazy! And when you throw enough mail, the blue should start going down!

  22. Tails says:

    how do you kill the scrap-bot?:( jeez!!

  23. Evil Dibbun says:

    I defeated the two lower colums on Tractor Beamer, but i couldn’t get the top two, please give me some advice.

    • David says:

      I have the same problem too. I need help. I have to get close to the red button or circle on the lower ones, and to hold my fire. I used Dredd Speed though. So, is anyone around here to help us?

  24. smart aleck says:

    woohoo! i got all my charachters fully upgraded in 1 day!
    (i hit a&b at the same time on the halp screen).

  25. 012343 says:

    it is the best game ever

  26. arch says:

    i hate the birds

  27. tiger says:

    I can’t get past level 2 MAN this is hard!!

  28. cool says:

    i beat the was easy

  29. unidude says:

    How do you defeat tractor beamer?

  30. black413 says:

    IT ROCKS ;)

  31. Sonicman101 says:

    I think the mad monkey is an alter ego of super man because he flies back to you when he pwns an enemy. :o

  32. Bookworm says:


  33. Cartoonist says:

    RATS!! it won’t load!

  34. clarky says:

    its fun but how do u get past the first level with out being killed by the birds

  35. clarky says:

    its cool

  36. the kid says:

    it stinks

  37. Cool-guy123456789 says:

    It wont load!!!!!!!!

  38. esr29 says:

    Great game!

  39. Gemmaster says:

    what’s annoying is it takes too long for flutterguy to heal you. I beat the game with pedro and flutterguy. :)

  40. happyfrog says:

    This game is easy if you get most of the upgrades!

  41. SCRIOM says:


  42. g-man says:

    Dr. awesomeness how do you climb corkscrew’s spikes??!!!!!

  43. darth vader 101 says:

    in one comic, pee wee was shown facing off against bo slogbottom in that suit he should be in dredd speed defenders of earth and mad planet :-) ;-)

  44. QWERTY says:

    you should use pedro and butterfly.

  45. smart aleck says:

    i finally got everything upgraded!

  46. MOONMAN200 says:


  47. larry says:

    this game is easy as pie

  48. billybobjoe says:

    I can’t find the last Mad Monkey Bananas. Any suggestions?

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