Comments about “Mad Planet”

  1. Bubble Boy says:

    what is the best person and pet to use on each level

  2. Bubble Boy says:

    i dant get this. it seems as if you HAVE to use pee-wee to beat level one (just started today)

  3. Scout says:

    I’m working on level 5
    I’m having trouble because of pee wee’s slingshot

  4. game master says:

    if u want to beat level 1 boss use dredd+flutterguy

  5. johnnathan #1 says:

    I love it too.

  6. johnnathan #1 says:

    How do you get Dredd speed to the Boss in level 2? Anyone?

  7. anonymous says:

    doesn’t load

  8. Little Creek says:

    how do you start a new game?

  9. poe says:

    supper hard

  10. winner says:

    HOW DO YOU BEAT LEVEL 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. aph says:

    dredd speed + flutterguy full upgrade. PERIOD.


    Hey professer oak how do you get to hat on head?

  13. ratman says:

    i beat it

  14. gamespur says:

    the level four music is the same as the pedro and 100000,year quest

  15. winner says:

    lost my data

  16. Mark says:

    I hated it

  17. Bonzei says:



    Check it out! ;) :) :(

  19. extreme gamer says:

    beated it in a hour

  20. Battlemaster39 says:


  21. isb3 says:

    i love it

  22. godzilla says:


  23. mehcagodzilla(godzilla) says:

    i need a little help on levl 2s boss cus i nevr got to him

  24. BearGryllsRULES!!!!!!! says:

    YES!!!!!!!! I FINALY BEAT THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  25. mehcagodzilla(godzilla) says:

    how do i get past levl 2?? anyone?

    • sndcksjandlfcjkds says:

      use dredd speed and flutterguy then get through the underground swamp then find a place to heal dredd speed then when you are at full health battle corkskrew. jump through the corkskrews and shoot the blue wheel

  26. critic says:


  27. Lil Laurie says:

    This game started out fun (it reminded me of New Super Mario Bros.!) but then I think it got boring. Didn’t even finish level one. Got stuck AND bored.

  28. Professor Oak says:

    I beat the game! Ask me for help on any level!

  29. dsawqe says:

    how do you beat level3

  30. shootingstar says:

    how do you even play this

  31. ipod touch says:


  32. iblis says:

    how do you get dredd speed to the final boss?

  33. trooper27 says:

    i do not really recomend it

  34. puzzle master says:

    how do you beat level 4

  35. bob3 says:

    The level 2 boss is hard

  36. godzilla says:

    this game is cool !

  37. awesome gamer says:

    how do you beat “corkscrew”?

  38. CoolDudeinVA says:


  39. game master says:

    luv it

  40. ilovesonic says:

    cant beat first one

  41. happy napper says:

    i love it too!

  42. eminem says:

    my favorite combo is dredd speed and flutterguy
    i fully upgraded them both.
    this game is so easy once you upgrade stuff.

  43. NMBNMBNMB says:

    i lov it

  44. boney10 says:

    My favrite combo is Pedro+Mad monkey.

  45. bonsy10 says:

    I love it!

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