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Pedro and the 100-Year Quest


Pedro and the 100-Year Quest was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
Like it? Click here to try their other BL games.

26 Comments on Pedro and the 100-Year Quest

  1. none of the games on the website work :(
    When ever i click on a game, it just goes to the comments. :( :(

  2. Diamond 9124 // February 22, 2011 at 4:58 pm // Reply

    I like the music. It’s very catchy.

  3. pedro i like your games a lot

  4. please tell me how to move the block at the bottom were the rats r :(

  5. i cant move the block at the bottom where the rats are. . . . HELP!!!!!!!!

  6. BEST Hamumu game!!! I’ve finished the entire game and got all of the points possible (excluding time points)


  8. takes a while to load and I’m timed.

  9. halo reach king // February 21, 2011 at 5:16 pm // Reply

    so easy i beat the game every time i play it.

    • hey, um “halo reach king” if u really beat it than u can tell me how to move the block at the very bottom were the rats r . by the way i found out that when u type it takes u back to the BEGINING of your game!!!!

  10. Could someone please find out what the color changer does?

    • Look on page 31 of your March Boy’s Life. Look for Pedro at the bottom of the page, saying,”What could this be? A game code, perhaps?” And, if you don’t find it, or don’t get Boy’s Life, the code is: Blue, Yellow, Green, Green, Red, Blue. Good luck! P.S. The color changer gives you the next clue, and turns your player into a boy scout!

      • by the bookshelves at the very bottom,how do you get pas that block?

      • Guys, Pedro is on page 69, too; he says “Ah, red, red, blue, yellow, green, red!” Activate that code and you’ll unlock A CRAZY COIN MINIGAME(It does’nt last forever and you can’t do it over and over again just to get the leftover coins:()!!!!!!!!!!!!

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