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Ollie’s Outboard Adventure

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Help Ollie the ricocheting robot bounce and bump his way through 32 levels to recover all of his missing parts. Test your skill by going for one of four medals available at each level.


Comments about “Ollie’s Outboard Adventure”

  1. ultrasonic2000 says:

    This game is cool but level 18 is hard

  2. Game Master (apprantance) says:

    I’m back!!!!!!

  3. ultrasonic2000 says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!but how do you get past level 16

  4. Bowser Jr.&Sprinter says:

    bobby, there is no level 37.

  5. littleskittle247 says:

    I beet this game in 17:38.83 minutes. Easiest game in ever played.

  6. manie says:

    i love it. butt level thirteen is to hard.

  7. game player says:


  8. jj says:

    i love it.

  9. T208 says:

    I beat the game but how do you get all diamonds?

  10. lime slime says:


  11. Me says:

    Good game!! Couldn’t replace mad planet though…

  12. nick says:

    i won it :-)

  13. nick says:

    i won it:-)

  14. daws811 says:

    lvl 13 is so easy

  15. junkman says:

    how do u beat level 18 reply if u know ;)

  16. junkman says:

    this game is hard :(

  17. Pee Wee Harris says:

    lvl 13 is so easy

  18. Pee Wee Harris says:

    i beat game just now

  19. froster says:

    this is ok :/

  20. epic says:

    i beat it ,i enjoyed this game very much!

  21. ?? says:

    Diamond time level 18!(really hard)

  22. ?? says:

    4.91seconds level 1!

  23. Mike says:

    This game won’t work on my computer, and I have Flash and everything!

  24. omg says:

    so do you think this is game is coool

  25. superdupe says:

    i have diamond on all levels

  26. Pedro says:

    Does anyone know how to get diamond time on Level 13!!!!!

  27. dog2 says:

    level 21

  28. noname says:

    modern warfare is funner=)

  29. percyjackrock says:

    13 is very hard!!!!

  30. pedro boy1 says:

    how do you beat level 6??

  31. joe says:


  32. rinzler says:

    How do you beat level 18?

  33. girl says:

    I cant do it!

  34. Awesomator says:

    kinda cool

  35. xae-xae says:

    Yay I finished it.

  36. BigFan says:

    I am AWESOME at this!!!!!!(:

  37. the parakeet says:

    this game is :)

  38. xyz says:

    21 level :)

  39. xyz says:

    level 18 is rigged I tell you!! :(

  40. xyz says:

    getting harder…

  41. xyz says:

    diamond 17

  42. xyz says:

    gold level 14

  43. xyz says:

    4.96 seconds level 1

  44. xyz says:

    cool ;0

  45. mikey says:

    will someone answer this????!!!!!!!how do you beat level 21?

  46. PixelHydra says:

    Nevermind! I completed it and finished the game.

  47. PixelHydra says:

    How do you beat level 21?!?!

  48. Pedro says:

    This is pretty slick!

  49. I dont know says:

    I can’t get diamond for level 13!!!

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