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Ollie’s Outboard Adventure

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Help Ollie the ricocheting robot bounce and bump his way through 32 levels to recover all of his missing parts. Test your skill by going for one of four medals available at each level.


Comments about “Ollie’s Outboard Adventure”

  1. obi-wan-kenobi-dude1 says:

    I beat every level!!!YAHOO!!!

  2. Anakin Skywalker says:

    level 18 calls for my super jedi reactions (even they may not be enough.

  3. tony says:

    when is there going to be a new game im sick of the ones there have

  4. Weirdo says:

    finished all levels!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tomato98 says:

    im stuck on lvl 2!! :(

  6. IWINNOW says:

    All gold

  7. teeto301 says:

    FINISHEd all levels. Thanks Pedro or boyslife

  8. Gameboy says:

    the green goop is so annoying

  9. IWINNOW says:

    All silvers!

  10. IWINNOW says:

    All Bronze medals aquired!

  11. lolmannn says:

    suuuuper easy

  12. pickleman says:

    for some reason i cant play it the screan is just plank

  13. Bow hunter says:

    How do you get out of the pits in lvl 13?

  14. IWINNOW says:

    Does anyone know how to get Diamond on lvl 4?

  15. Pedro says:

    its fun (:

  16. dfgdbvnbk bg mndbv v says:

    level 20 is so hard!

  17. xyz says:

    30=17.97 gold

  18. xyz says:

    OMG :) OMG :) I just beat the game! Yay me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. fas55 says:

    WAY TO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they need to add a power up so that you can have a split second of invincibility. Or even better being able to take out a something in your way.

  20. snack hat man says:

    I can`t beat level 9!

  21. Bowser Jr.&Sprinter says:

    lvl.30. 1.49.

  22. Reviewer says:

    Level 18 is impossible(for me anyway). Does anyone have tips?

  23. EJA says:

    I beat level 32!

  24. master says:

    i won!!! level 21 was hard

  25. The great one says:

    level 2= too hard

  26. I m :) says:

    hard!! but fun!! can’t do Lv. 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. slick says:

    how do you get passed level 11

  28. bob says:

    help me, im at level 28

  29. obi-wan-kenobi-dude1 says:

    I beat level #6:)

  30. obi-wan-kenobi-dude1 says:

    I cant beat level#6:(

  31. Iwuzhere(NOT) says:

    whole game hard. just plain hard

  32. ABCD 123 says:

    I really liked playing this game – very fun! But then level 18 got too hard – now I don’t like this game…

  33. ABCD 123 says:


  34. pita says:

    I have 16 diamonds and 16 golds

  35. girlboyscout says:

    ok,i lost count a long time ago. but there is just that one that i can never pass!!!!!! the game is ok. but all in all its LAME!!!!!!!! =s

  36. H#C says:

    Level6# is to hard.

  37. jt says:

    dimiond level 25 beat it

  38. jt says:

    level 22 EASY

  39. the self destruct says:

    21 is really hard! Please reply!

  40. me says:

    easy. finished in 5 min.

  41. yoyo says:

    too hard

  42. Sheldon says:

    Doesn’t work!

  43. jt says:

    level 21 hard. peroid.

  44. ggg says:

    level 18 is hard

  45. Bleg-bleggit says:


  46. he says:


  47. awsome dude says:


  48. Bowser Jr.&Sprinter says:

    diamond level 21. hard but possible

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