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Ollie’s Outboard Adventure

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Help Ollie the ricocheting robot bounce and bump his way through 32 levels to recover all of his missing parts. Test your skill by going for one of four medals available at each level.


Comments about “Ollie’s Outboard Adventure”

  1. Mr.AWESOME! says:

    I JUST got a diamond on lv.21!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  2. nickman says:

    i had a glitch were i beat the game automaticaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. odie says:

    cool but hard

  4. mehcagodzilla(godzilla) says:


  5. no comment says:


  6. grantman says:

    joe i need help on lev 9

  7. Mr.AWESOME! says:

    Dudes,never think that you can skip the first rail on the last goo pit in lv.21.No way you can make it.:(

  8. davy says:

    great,just great!
    i need help with level 20!
    tommy,pleas write how to get past it as soon as posable.

    • tommy says:

      davy, all you need to do is get into the habit of jumping on the edge of the goopits. you can do it! if this doesnt help, tell me what the problem is. good luck!

  9. davy says:

    I need help with level 18.

  10. tommy says:

    ilovesonic, have you won the game before?

  11. teeto301 says:

    I finished all the levels

  12. hfwjf8u98tjuw9yu9vu8 says:

    I got a diomand on level 17!

  13. hfwjf8u98tjuw9yu9vu8 says:

    I got a diomand on level 16!

  14. hfwjf8u98tjuw9yu9vu8 says:

    Igot a diomand on level 12!

  15. hfwjf8u98tjuw9yu9vu8 says:

    I got a diomand on level 6!

  16. hfwjf8u98tjuw9yu9vu8 says:

    I got a diomand on level 1!

  17. hfwjf8u98tjuw9yu9vu8 says:

    I also got a diomand on level 2!

  18. hfwjf8u98tjuw9yu9vu8 says:

    I got a diomand on level 10!

  19. hfwjf8u98tjuw9yu9vu8 says:

    This game is awesome!

  20. mas says:

    the game is 2 easy for me

  21. awesome says:

    has anyone gotten diamond for 21

  22. nitro says:

    I beat the game.

  23. mas says:

    i won the game it is easy

  24. tshirt says:

    cant get past level 2 its sooooooo hard i dont get how to jump off the wall

  25. haydeman says:

    This game is so coL

  26. Autobot says:

    Level 11 is so hard.

  27. ilovesonic says:

    i am on the level 35

  28. ar2-d2 says:

    level 21 is to hard.

  29. pokerface says:

    is there any cheatcodes.

  30. mussle says:

    so tough

  31. level 17 says:

    level 17

  32. Mr.Laugh says:

    On 21 do 1st &2nd area in 00.00.13 sec. and have luck.

  33. ilovesonic says:

    fuun but 21 is hard. last jump

  34. Yeller says:


  35. shucks says:

    super coooooooooool

  36. buck9 says:

    to easy

  37. Mr. Person Dude says:

    So easy but fun!

  38. tony says:

    i dont really like this game

  39. The-Cheat says:

    pretty cool game graphics need work though

  40. Mr. Cheese says:

    this is so easy i hardly ever get stuck

  41. MATT says:

    finaly beat the game YAY.

  42. loud mouth says:

    sooo good … but soo hard

  43. loud mouth says:

    suuper good. but its so hard!

  44. madmonky says:

    this is soo fun!

  45. wojo says:

    Ollie’s Outboard Adventure is so easy.

  46. blacklight says:

    Just finished the game it was AUSOME!

  47. Mr.laugh says:

    game paused AUTOMATICALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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