Comments about “Battle Boats”

  1. jg 24 says:

    i lost but it was fun.

  2. SHOTGUN says:

    i think it wus cool, it kinda took awaile though. :B

  3. Io says:

    This game rock!

  4. big a says:

    this game is lame

  5. it's a SIM card! says:

    163. i guess it’s okay.

  6. master says:

    this game STINKS

  7. winner says:

    i won . no surprize

  8. oph says:

    kinda like battle ships

  9. bluedragon91 says:

    90 after playing forever wish i could choose where my boats go or if it was 2 player overall not a bad game if you have patience. :)

  10. 404 says:

    2 boats left!

  11. COOLGUY says:

    I kind of thought it would be different. I can play battleship with my brother.

  12. pokefan says:

    just battleship- why do you get to shoot again if you hit? NOT FAIR

  13. mario guy says:

    it’s just battleship

  14. scipio068 says:

    must be a recored

  15. Sonic says:

    This is way too hard! but not for strongman!(lucky)

  16. coolman555 says:

    i beat tv 161

  17. Emerald205 says:

    It’s like a game of battleship . I win every time!!!!

  18. bennyboy says:

    to hard!

  19. the lab says:

    this game rocks

  20. the terrier says:

    i beat the game and used only 94 splashes

  21. I LOVE PIE!!!! says:

    ok game

  22. jc says:

    I sunk the opponent big ship…FIRST SHOT!!!!!!!!

  23. boppymister says:

    this game rules i want to play this every day

  24. blob20 says:

    ibeat this wholl thing in 30 sec.

  25. bob bob lego says:

    i beat and won in 59 moves

    not kidding

  26. super canoe says:

    i think you want to get a low score, but i am not sure. how does the score thing work? i got 115.

  27. Leigh says:

    i won ,36

  28. Leigh says:

    only took me 20 this time

  29. twigboy says:


  30. Bonzei says:

    999 TV I BEAT U.

  31. Boys Life ruls! says:

    my stratagy is hitting evry thing in orter.

  32. tv says:

    176 i beat u super canoe

  33. super canoe says:

    make a checkerboard pattern, don’t hunt down his ships until you get a lot of hits or if he gets 4 of your ships sunk.. when you sink 2 ships with length 2, make a pattern such that there is no way for a 3-ship to “hide”, etc. It wins every time, but it doesn’t get a very high score. My best score is 137. Reply if you beat me.

  34. tacoman says:

    You dont get to place your ships and computer cheats WAY too much!!!! =(

  35. Joy boy says:


  36. Autobot says:

    The computer cheats for me.

  37. coke&sprite says:

    I beat computer!!!!

  38. strongman says:

    I won!

  39. strongman says:

    I won!177 points!

  40. Noble 6 says:

    This is pretty boring and hard plus you don’t place your own boats.

  41. Mice dice says:

    I just beat my score….I now have 122:) ;):S :@ :(

  42. Mice dice says:

    I beat it with a 155

  43. um says:


  44. GI Joe says:

    I agree 8125 you should be able to place ships

  45. Pedro says:

    IM WINING!!!

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