Comments about “Battle Boats”

  1. DAY says:

    I GOT 106!

  2. motleyjust says:

    It did it again.

  3. hockeyman73 says:

    i rock at this game

  4. motleyjust says:

    It did it again. One piece of a boat with no room to connect it to any others.

  5. motleyjust says:

    Sometimes this thing doesn’t work right. One game, I had all the boats but half of a 2piece. The half I got was sitting there completely surrounded by a sunk boat and already splashed squares. There was no place the other half could have been connected to it.

  6. motleyjust says:

    The lowest I won in was 67 splashes, but a lot of it is luck.

  7. jay jay says:

    it is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. cool guy says:

    IT IS A HORRIBLE GAME DON’T PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  9. pie says:

    BORING!!!!!!!!!! :(

  10. pie says:

    119 on first try got out the biggest boat! :D

  11. mr cool says:

    its fine

  12. SUrvival GEek says:

    91 First try!!

  13. monsterhunter says:

    i dont like it. minecraft is better

  14. killer says:

    i got 130

  15. Puffle lover123 says:

    157 take that evil puffle haters!

  16. yucky ducky says:

    love it!

  17. D-dogg says:

    Fun but isnt it like battle ship.(It is)

  18. 293 says:

    I won in 152!!!!!!!!

  19. vonawesome says:

    feeding frenzy

  20. master 2011 says:

    i hate this game :(

  21. Eagle 02 says:

    86 splashes, best yet

  22. AwesomeMan says:

    150! A good start, I guess.

  23. Chopy2008 says:

    i made a hit on my first turn then took out the rest without the other person getting a turn

  24. bulldog says:

    it was so easy hope this happens at r canoe trip (:

  25. Funky_monkey says:

    144 splashes on my first try

  26. Eagle 02 says:

    92 boo yaeh

  27. thefunnyman II says:

    won in 93 splashes

  28. dude81 says:

    165slash winner:)

  29. CND says:

    I got 153 splashes and WON THE GAME!!!!!!

  30. hytg says:

    i won in 95 splashes

  31. fun dude says:

    This is hard and fun

  32. Mailburro+Alfalfa= Pedro says:


  33. Mailburro+Alfalfa= Pedro says:

    I sometimes cheat but with this you can’t cheat!!!!! :(

    • REMEDY says:

      cheating’s not cool you should enjoy your games to the fullest. now even though i don’t use cheats some are ok like giving your guy a virtual mustache or something like that. but this game is hard and it’s not my decision so go ahead.

  34. Awesome Jedi says:

    Wonderful, Rock-Your-Socks-Off Game!

  35. TDUB says:

    i sinked 5 of the oppnants boats

  36. 5 says:

    it rocks and I won in 127 splash

  37. bigpaw10 says:


  38. Bowser Jr.&Sprinter says:

    i won with 179 splashes

  39. someone says:

    also its a fun game

  40. someone says:

    65 no kidding

  41. awsome dude says:


  42. Darth Vader says:


  43. hunt says:

    I won by a 3 piece canoe.217 splash.

  44. kalieo says:


  45. jaro121 says:

    first try 115 splashes. I did great.

  46. al says:

    I only missed 1 and died right at the end. ..

  47. imabommb says:

    Beat it

  48. gameguy says:

    splash 135

  49. jester2012 says:

    155 i guess average but it was my first try so whatever

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