Comments about “Battle Boats”

  1. Gribber says:

    Fell asleep

  2. Palurutaq says:

    I won in 143 clicks

  3. Dasherator!!! says:

    108!!!!!!!!! YAY! Thats Right! Uh-Huh! boom!

  4. JEEZUSFREEK613 says:

    got bored and left

  5. wassup wht wht wht wht says:

    I Beat it with 131 splashes yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Blubber King says:


  7. Delta Force says:


  8. frank says:


  9. Otto says:

    This is a copy of battleship!

  10. Blah Blah Blah says:

    This game was corrupted and I could not finish the last two boat combination. It only allowed 1 hit and then was incomplete?? Won, but was still somewhat fun.

  11. Rosscuro 27 says:

    It would be cool to try it in real life!

  12. joebeezie says:

    what a fun game

  13. racc00ncap says:

    Wow. How good can this get?

  14. scoutmax says:

    i like it

  15. coolboater says:

    was fun

  16. 56bull7 says:

    You should get to decide where your boats go

  17. boyscouts rock says:

    its just like battle ship!

  18. boyscouts rock says:

    it looks fun but it might not

  19. KAI450 says:

    ITZ EZ AZ PI !!!!!!!!!

  20. aka says:

    you players should try to employ stratedgy. thats why i win all the time

  21. SWTOR says:

    Hard and Boring

  22. Coolboy says:

    I beet this game 7685 times!!!!!

  23. luc says:

    like battleship

  24. mr.smartypants says:


  25. severwyatt says:

    Back to the battleship thing,expt that you dont call nubers and “stuff”………

  26. A-Man says:

    I Just Won!!!!!

  27. neptunejag says:

    it’s just like battleship or naval combat and im good at those games… so is my mom…lol:]

  28. ferb says:

    its hard

  29. a kid says:

    It was easy, but I want to put my boats where I want, they put mine in an easy spot and I nearly lost.

  30. Peller Basketbal = Me! says:

    I’m doing a league. I will post every time the standings when I finish ev’ry game.

  31. Peller Basketbal = Me! says:

    LOL I got 2 less than last time!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Peller Basketbal = Me! says:

    I got 108 splashes before I won. 1 or 2 boats of mine were left, though.

  33. farty says:

    2 easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. motleyjust says:

    It did it again. Half a boat surrounded by splashed squares.

  35. Jedi Master says:

    Pretty fun, wish I could arrange my own boats though. Overall 4 out of 5 stars.

  36. Berkshire says:

    I thought they were all clumped together. It is hard. Like wacky says I wish I could arrange the boats, too.

  37. N8 says:

    pretty fun, i dont get it, i got all the boats but 1, then the apponent killed me. I still had 3 boats left. weird

  38. jjyt says:

    127shots got all 8 and im 6

  39. coolman360 says:


  40. wacky says:

    i cannot belive i just lost cant belive its even possible

  41. wacky says:

    70 splashes what A record

  42. wacky says:

    fun iwish i could arrange my bots how i want them though

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